Teen survey shows high interest in Apple’s iPhone, continued iPod and iTunes domination

“A majority of teens own an iPod, many use iTunes, and more than one in five intend to purchase an iPhone in the next six months, a new survey has found,” AppleInsider reports.

“The 18th bi-annual Piper Jaffray teen survey shows that Apple’s share among teen consumers continues to grow,” AppleInsider reports. “The results, revealed in a research note to investors Tuesday, were based on a survey of approximately 600 teenagers, who were queried about their buying patterns and preferences.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple’s smallest market among teens — the iPhone — is poised to greatly expand. While 15 percent of those surveyed currently own an iPhone, 22 percent intend to purchase one in the next six months… Apple has maintained its utter dominance of the portable media player market, with an 87 percent total share, up from 84 percent one year ago. Coming in second was Microsoft with 3 percent, followed by Sony with 2 percent.”

AppleInsider reports, “Only 40 percent of surveyed teens legally purchase music online. But of those that do, a whopping 93 percent said they use iTunes to purchase songs. That’s the same total from one year ago. The next-largest provider is Rhapsody, with 2 percent. But 57 percent of teens use peer-to-peer networks to download pirated music. While still high, that’s down from 64 percent two years ago.”

Read more in the full article, which includes informative charts that breakdown results by manufacturer and type of device, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” and “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah, rich white teens that don’t have a worry in the world even during one of the harshest economic recessions.

    Must be good when the biggest decision facing Becky and Chase is which color iPod nano to buy rather than wondering if their parents can afford to keep the electricity on as winter approaches.

  2. @R2

    I find your post repulsive on many levels. If someone started off with such a gross generalization as “poor black teenagers (fill in blank here) …” I couldn’t be more offended.
    Someone must have dropped their soother.

  3. I have an iPod nano 4G and a, well had, a 1st gen iPod touch, untill it was stolen at school.
    I want an iPhone, but thats not going to happen because my dad’s company is on verizon so have to slum it with this bb storm he gave me.
    the only way I can get one is if it comes to verizon or I get a job and pay my own bill
    I was kind of interested in the zune HD but no mac support, no app store, no thank you

  4. Teens have, like, and want Apple products. That is the important news. In a few short years they will be buying their own phones and computers. Apple now has a great base to work with in about three years to sell more than just iPods. This is about the future.

  5. Umm actually if you did some research you’d likely find the bulk of Apple buys are upper middle class white people. Walk into any Apple store and do your own sampling.

    The issue is while little timmy and jenny will get Mom and Dad to foot the bill for their latest toy they eventually grow up and buy what is affordable to them.

    What teen is footing for an iPhone with voice / data? Please tell me how a teen affords that w/o good ole Mom and Dad helping.

    I guess the economy and if said parents have a job will determine how good Apple’s holiday sales will be.

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