RUMOR: AT&T deliberating whether to allow Skype calls via its network on iPhone

“AT&T executives are reportedly deliberating whether to allow the voice over IP service Skype on their 3G data network, and could announce the decision as soon as this week,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“A new report from The Washington Post alleges that a source ‘close to the thinking of AT&T executives’ passed word that officials could agree to VoIP services on all AT&T handsets, including the iPhone. However, the report also incorrectly stated that Google Voice is a VoIP service,” Hughes reports. “In reality, Google Voice requires a telephone connection with a reachable number to allow the service to call its users.”

Hughes reports, “If the Skype information proves true, the announcement this week would coincide with the wireless industry’s CTIA conference due to start Wednesday. Such a change could be due to increased pressure from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on wireless network operators.”

Hughes reports, “The current version of the iPhone Skype application only operates via Wi-Fi due to an agreement between Apple and AT&T over network data usage.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Skype is great. Allow it! And I jolly well don’t care about the business plan.

    Whoops… That was unwise to say. Still, it really should be made available on all handsets everywhere.

  2. WSJ just issued a news alert that this is a done deal.

    News Alert
    from The Wall Street Journal
    Sponsored by NASDAQ OMX

    AT&T;reversed course and said that it will allow Internet phone software applications on the iPhone to run on its 3G network. AT&T;had previously prevented iPhone Internet phone apps from using its wireless network although subscribers could use the software to make calls over Internet hot-spots and wi-fi networks.

  3. It’s apparently official – yes!

    Of course, more cynical observers are probably thinking this move is done partially to appease the FCC, and partially to help stave off criticism of their network woes. Even so, provided AT&T doesn’t pull a Comcast and employ stealthy “network management”, this is a win for consumers.

    To all “the iPhone should be on Verizon” folks out there – you think Verizon would have done this?

  4. Using Skype voice on the iPhone has its place, but replacing business calls is not one of them… at least not across the pond. It’s very laggy and is prone to static, missed syllables and tinny sounding.
    For talking with my daughter who’s in school over in jolly England, or my son who’s deployed in Iraq it’s quite nice!

    But not for business… at least not yet.

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