Upgraded Steve Jobs to steal the show at Apple’s September 9 special event?

“As of this writing, there’s about 24 hours until Apple hosts its latest product event, and speculation about what the company will release has become a blood sport,” Jim Goldman writes for CNBC.

“I would argue that the biggest release will be an upgraded Steve Jobs, and that at least this time around, the products will take a back seat to his return, quite literally, to center stage,” Goldman writes. “ure, there’s the requisite speculation about what new attributes a new class of iPods will feature; whether the iPod Classic gets an even bigger hard drive, or gets retired all together; whether new iPod Touches and Nanos get cameras; whether Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger joins Jobs on stage.”

“It’s ‘Jobs on stage’ that will be the show stealer,” Goldman writes. “Make no mistake: Jobs is back, in charge, firmly in control. Yet it’s one thing to hear it, or read it, but it’s a far different proposition to see it. Apple’s shares are running today and it very well could be a ‘buy on the rumor’ scenario, but I get the feeling investors will build on that momentum tomorrow as long as Jobs serves as ring master.”

Goldman writes, “For the past year, Apple has stressed its “deep bench” and that the company is bigger than just one guy. While I believe that to be true, that message will fade to the background Wednesday.”

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  1. “For the past year, Apple has stressed its “deep bench” and that the company is bigger than just one guy. While I believe that to be true, that message will fade to the background Wednesday.”

    That is the very reason Jobs might not appear. Apple might not want that message to fade into the background.

  2. Apple can easily keep their “deep bench” image, while Steve still gives keynote presentations. An Apple event is, for most people, more exciting to watch when Steve is presenting it. People have seen that Apple runs well enough without Steve there. Now, give us back our Stevenotes!

  3. Steve Jobs may make an appearance, and maybe even introduce a key new product or service, but I don’t think he needs to “MC” the event as he did in the past. That would reset the public expectation back to Apple needing him to personally run these special media events every time, and that would be a step backwards. If he does it this time, every time he does not in the future (for whatever reason), the media will be abuzz once again with health rumors.

    Steve Jobs is most valuable as Apple’s leader and visionary founder. His lieutenants have proven they can put on these “dog and pony shows” for the media, and do it competently; so let them keep doing it.

  4. How many of these have we sat through, kids? How many such articles on the day before have we read? Face it: tonight, we’ll all go to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing through our heads. And by noon Pacific time tomorrow, we’ll all swoon with some disappointment. And if you’re not disappointed, the pundits will be.

    I can hear it now:


    And on and on.

    CNet will sniff at the event. Dvorak will be in his usual lather, foaming at the mouth. Enderle will say that Windows is better. TechCrunch will declare that Apple is doomed. Some butthead at Reuters who’s been getting blown by hookers sent by Microsoft will do a drive-by attack story that, since it’s anonymously posted, can’t be refuted. Cramer and his frigtard pals will start an anti-Apple rant. Bloomberg will circulate more poison pen stories that Steve Jobs looks thinner, that he only has hours to live and if he does not appear at all, this confirms that he is dead, and that Apple should get slammed by the Feds for a cover-up. Wall $treet will sneer and promptly start a sell-off of Apple stock. And basically, the world as we know it will end. Or so it seems.

    Did I miss anything?

    It’s a frickin’ circus.

    It’s all bullshit. But you already know that.

    So, put on your protective suit, your Snell-approved crash helmet and go to a place of safety for the next two weeks, preferably one that is lead- and copper-lined with padded walls. Beyond the good news tomorrow, you can expect a torrent of vomit spewed forth by the frigtard pundits, analysts and their ilk.

    I used to look forward these announcements. But it’s not fun anymore. I used to have a childlike sense of wonder, and I still want to. But the pundits have an agenda. We’re just collateral damage.

  5. Much as one might like the tag ‘3rd coming’ or SJ 3.0 etc. I believe he hasn’t ever really left his 2.0 stage, to make it officially the 3rd act. The guy hasn’t delivered a string of failures either.

    Therefore, I believe he is still on his 2nd act, until he maybe actually retires one day from Apple and gets into, oh I don’t know, professional wrestling or some such.

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