Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard means business

Tim Beyers reports for The Motley Fool, “The iEmpire launched its latest rebellion with the release of Snow Leopard on Friday, the newest edition of Mac OS X, which: At $29, costs about what you’d pay for a fast-food dinner for a family of four; Frees up to 7 gigabytes space on your Mac by eliminating digital clutter; Offers built-in support for Microsoft’s Exchange network services, making Macs a whole lot more business-friendly.”

MacDailyNews Take: Anyone with even a cursory understanding of Apple, Microsoft, and Star Wars would never use the term “iEmpire” to describe Apple or their “latest rebellion.” For the sake of the value of continuing on, let’s pretend that Beyers has never seen Star Wars.

Beyers continues, “Technology buyers may finally be coming back. To get them to come back to the Mac, Apple needs an OS that does better business. Snow Leopard is that OS… The Mac is back, growling and hungry for market share.”

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  1. All I can say is that my MacBook feels like it got a processor, RAM and GPU upgrade. I am still to instal it on my mission critical Mac Pro. I am waiting to see, what got broken.

  2. No, it doesn’t. iLife 09 is a separate product, and you can buy it separately for $80.

    You can also get it in a “Mac Box” set, together with iWork and Snow Leopard, for $170.


    Snow Leopard (alone): $30
    iLife 09 (alone): $80
    iWork 09 (alone): $80
    All the above together in a box: $170.

    The boxed version is the only option if you don’t have Leopard installed already (i.e. if you’re running Tiger). You need an Intel Mac, of course.

    And, by the way, the retail disc of Snow Leopard ($30) will install on a blank hard drive, a drive with Tiger or Leopard, and won’t complain about anything at all. There are absolutely no restrictions on that disk regarding what you need to have on your Mac before installing it. No serial number either. Apple continues to have faith in their faithful and trust that everyone will buy the proper package and install it in the proper number of Macs.

    I have upgraded a MBP over the weekend and performance is simply spectacular — significantly faster in EVERYTHING (except where the network connection speed is the bottleneck) across the board! This is like upgrading a 4-year old computer with a new one! Nothing short of spectacular! For $30, it is by far the cheapest upgrade any Intel Mac could possibly get (cheaper and better than even memory upgrade).

  3. @MDN Take

    Maybe he was referring to the more recent star wars movies… where the Sith started trouble by stirring up a rebellion, then took the winning side.

    Is SJ looking for an apprentice… or maybe lightning?

  4. Difference between Apple and Microsoft: if Microsoft had a version of iLife, and was selling a bundle with Win7, you can be damned sure that Win7 would break your older version of iLife.

    Apple: you can buy a bundle that includes iLife ’09, but you can still use last year’s just fine.

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