7 predictions about Apple’s rumored ‘iTablet’

Rob Pegoraro writes for The Washignton Post:

Here’s all that I will predict about an Apple tablet — or an Apple netbook, which would fill a demonstrated need in the market:
1. Apple will price this thing at a level that seems borderline absurd next to existing hardware.
2. It will include at least one feature that most people had never thought to ask for.
3. It will leave out at least one feature that most people had considered essential.
4. Press coverage of its launch will feature at least one skeptical quote from an executive at a competing company that the quoted party may regret later.
5. People will line up in front of Apple’s stores to buy it.
6. Buyers will be happy enough about their purchase that they will choose to overlook a missing capability or a performance issue.
7. The second version of the device will work a lot better than the first.

Read more in the full article, “Projecting Our Hopes and Dreams Onto Apple,” here.


  1. It won’t come out this year.
    It will have a 10 inch screen.
    It won’t have a CD or DVD disk drive.
    The battery won’t be replaceable.
    Connection options will be limited.
    It will have a touch interface.
    It will be pretty cool, but it will turn out that most people won’t have a real need for it.
    Battery life will be enough, but nothing to get thrilled about.
    App store applications will run on it.
    It can be used for reading, but reading on it will be more tedious than the competitors’ e-Ink because of the backlighting.
    It will have the same internet capability as an iPhone, but may not have an actual phone feature.
    It will look cooler than it works.
    I probably won’t buy one.

    It’s either a giant touch, or a stripped down Air, depending on your needs and perspective.

    MDN Magic Word – i “saw” it in a dream.

  2. Hey Grrrliea!
    You buys it or you don’t.
    Being as Apple is WAY more successful than you EVAR will be, go ahead and bathe us in your superior plan for their products.
    Ha! It’s so easy for some LAmeTard to shat on the unprecedented brilliance that is Apple Inc. but only in your dreams do your krappy prognostications mean anything.
    Wait and See: Buy it or don’t

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