Expert: Apple likely to sue beleaguered Palm over Pre’s unauthorized iTunes mooching

Apple Online Store “Palm Inc.’s decision to re-enable syncing to iTunes in its new Web OS update has an element of Palm taunting Apple Inc.,” Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld. “But could it lead to a legal battle? At least one expert in intellectual property rights thinks so.”

“‘Palm has a fairly large market share and is doing this [sync to iTunes] so visibly, which leads me to believe Apple has no choice but to retaliate, probably through litigation,’ said Ivan Zatkovich, an engineer who provides consulting help to attorneys involved in intellectual property disputes. He works for EComp Consultants in Tampa, Fla., and has been closely watching the tussle between Apple and Palm over the sync from the iTunes media player to the WebOS and Palm Pre,” Hamblen reports.

“The iTunes media player is ‘valuable property’ to Apple, Zatkovich added, ‘I understand why Apple is protecting it.’ … If Apple doesn’t take a concrete step to stop Palm, it is also tacitly inviting other companies to do what Palm has done [Zatkovich said],” Hamblen reports. “iTunes is highly successful and syncing with iTunes is probably considered lucrative to Palm, he added. ‘If Palm gets away with it, it invites others,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First of all, Palm has been following Apple for their entire existence, so this whole situation is hardly a surprise.

Still, sometimes we think that Apple ought to just buy what’s left of the whole Palm, Inc. mess with petty cash, issue the required pink slips, and shut the entire fiasco down, but that would unfortunately enrich the very assholes who think they’re oh-so-clever while punishing Palm’s worker bees. Another option is to just wait for the numbnuts running Microsoft or Dell to get the brilliant idea that they need to buy Palm, but that would produce the same exact results.

What do you think Apple should do? Keep breaking Palm’s attempts to sync their takeover bait with iTunes? Involve the courts? Ignore the whole charade? Something else?

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