Beleaguered Palm updates Pre software to resume iTunes mooching

Apple Online Store “Just a week after Apple killed the Pre’s ability to sync with desktop music management client iTunes, Palm has responded with webOS 1.1 — a software update that again enables Palm’s phone to access media from the current version of iTunes,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“When they unveiled the handset, Palm boasted about their smartphone’s ability to transfer media from iTunes,” Hughes reports. “The feature worked by identifying the Pre in its hardware ID as an iPod — a trick Apple warned might not work for long.

Hughes reports, “Last month, Apple warned Pre users that future software updates may kill sync capability with the device.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is what parasitic Palm does while they twiddle their thumbs waiting for a buyout bid. This is amateur hour, folks. Great news for Palm Zune sufferers, though, as now your iTunes mooching ability can blink on and off randomly, without notice, in-between your multiple return trips to exchange your defective, crack- and scratch-prone, plastic-screened wannabe iPhones with their antique mechanical keyboards perpetually stuck in portrait mode. As always, enjoy your huge selection of apps! A bit of advice: sync up quickly while you can.

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