Woz becomes auto body pitchman (with video)

“Apple Inc. is doing well, Steve Jobs is back on the job, the iPhone is selling like gangbusters, but it’s other co-founder that continues to make headlines in some strange and mysterious ways,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“First, a little background on Steve Wozniak extra-curricular activities: He grabbed some attention with his Segway Polo league in Silicon Valley,” Goldman reports. “Then, he started dating D-List star Kathy Griffin in a relationship that gripped Hollywood (ok, overselling that); then he enjoyed a stint on ABC’s ‘Dancin’ with the Stars’ where Woz became a cult hero of sorts, going far further in the competition than convention really dictated.”

“But his latest career move has some here in Silicon Valley scratching their heads,” Goldman reports. “He’s been tapped by Car West Auto Body of Danville, Calif. to hawk collision repairs.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We love Woz. And that effing dog is so perfectly unnecessary that without it, this quintessentially local spot would suffer greatly.

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