High tech healthcare tools turn Apple iPhones into lifelines

Apple Online Store “The promise of telemedicine has been around for years, with robotic surgeries, remote monitoring of patients and big city doctors able to care for rural patients over computer networks,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“But not until a new company called Airstrip came along, have we seen the true promise and convenience of what telemedicine can really be. Not on an emergency, expensive basis, but in a day-to-day, real-world kind of way,” Goldman reports.

“Airstrip is gaining so much momentum that the company’s software was featured at the recent Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, and the app was met with rave reviews,” Goldman report.

“Though probably no one is more excited about the new software than Manpreet Kaur, 32 weeks into her high risk pregnancy, strapped to a Silicon Valley hospital bed where a fetal monitor and other equipment keep a close, high tech eye on everything happening to her,” Goldman reports. “At the same time, her doctor can monitor everything that equipment sees, in real time, no matter where he is, or how far away from the hospital he might be, thanks to the Airstrip software.”

Goldman reports, “The program, one of the more than 50,000 applications now available on the Apple App Store, streams the data right to his iPhone where he sees precisely what the nurses see, as they see it, bedside, in Manpreet’s hospital room.”

“Patient Manpreet Kaur doesn’t really care how she connects with her doctor, only that he’s always there, and thanks to this technology, always “here,” virtually in her hospital room. ‘It is just like worry-free,’ she says,” Goldman reports. “Worry-free, thanks to a new kind of bedside manner for doctors, turning their iPhones into life-lines.”

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