PC World conducts 3G Smackdown: AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint

iPod touch. The funnest iPod ever“The truth is, the 3G wireless networks of today are not perfect (they are, collectively, a work in progress), and they are not all created equal,” Mark Sullivan reports for PC World.

“Because independent research on these networks is very hard to come by, PC World took a single-day, real-world snapshot of the performance of the three biggest 3G networks in the U.S. – Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint – using industry-accepted testing technology and techniques,” Sullivan reports.

“Our results, taken together, provide a snapshot of the performance of the largest 3G networks in 13 major markets during March and early April,” Sullivan reports. “During March and early April, our testing partner, Novarum Inc., used Ixia ixChariot testing software to measure network performance from more than twenty fixed locations in each of the following cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando (Florida), Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. In all, our testing partner ran 5443 individual tests from 283 testing locations. At each location, Novarum measured download speed, upload speed, and reliability for each provider’s 3G service.”

Sullivan reports, “Verizon’s service showed a combination of speed and reliability, Sprint’s results lent credence to its ‘most dependable’ claim, and AT&T’s network showed fast upload speeds in most cities.”

Read all about it in the full article here.

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