Report: Palm Pre screen crack issue emerges; cracks radiate from center ‘home’ button

“It didn’t take long for the first cracked screen report to surface, with our first confirmed crack being photographed and posted on our forums at 7:52pm on 6/7/09 (that’s the day after launch),” Jonathan Downer reports for

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s iPhone, iPhone 3G, and soon-to-be released iPhone 3G S all feature optical-quality glass screens to achieve superior levels of toughness, scratch resistance, and optical clarity.

Downer continues, “It first appeared to be an isolated incident, but it quickly became apparent that this is not a unique problem. A fair number of individuals are reporting screen cracks originating from the center button, and then spider-webbing up the device.”

“This is certainly not a good sign, with devices barely out of the box already showing some pretty severe durability issues. These are also not devices that are being dropped, and most folks are reporting just pulling the device out of their pocket only to see the massive crack,” Downer reports.

Full article, with photo, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Scratch-prone, crack-prone plastic screens, crappy and tiny sharp-edged antique mechanical keyboards forever stuck in portrait mode, 18 whole apps, about 3 accessories total, Sprint, and double the price (after waiting 8 weeks for your mail-in rebate to show up) is not a winning formula.

Obviously, Derivativestein left Apple about 20 months too early:
Tim Cook named COO of Apple, Jon Rubinstein to retire March 31 and be succeeded by Tony Fadell – October 14, 2005
• Apple significantly upgrades iPhone battery life, multi-touch screen to optical-quality glass – June 18, 2007

Build quality, Jon. You forgot about the build quality.

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