Apple’s iPhone, Mac seeing higher business sales

“Apple Computer’s [sic] iPhone is not the only Apple technology that is gaining traction in business. Apple’s Mac notebooks, desktops and server sales to both small business and enterprise work groups have grown. And more third-party technology that supports the Mac platform is now available too — from servers to storage to virtualization to e-mail,” Jessica Davis reports for Channel Insider.

“Apple Computer has never been known for its strong reseller channel partner program or its efforts to woo the channel with discounts and back-end rebates. But over the years as Apple’s Mac platform has made inroads into small businesses and workgroups within larger enterprises, the channel has come along for the ride, with or without Apple’s support,” Davis reports.

“Now a new subculture has formed—solution providers and third-party vendors that create solutions for businesses on the Apple Mac platform. From servers to storage to virtualization to e-mail, if there’s a technology available for the PC, chances are there’s a comparable technology available for the Mac, often at a lower price,” Davis reports.

“That and a host of other factors have contributed to Apple’s recent success in the business market. While Apple doesn’t break out its sales by end markets, those who sell to business say that Apple sales have been increasing,” Davis reports.

“While Apple’s iPhone made up only 1 percent of 28.5 million ‘corporate-liable’ smartphone shipments in 2008, according to IDC’s May 2008 market forecast, that number is growing at a rapid pace as more C-level executives bring their iPhones to work and more business applications become available for the iPhone,” Davis reports.

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