Browser benchmarks: Apple’s Safari world’s fastest browser; Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dead last

Futuremark Corp. reports, “We like measuring and comparing things, so our Peacekeeper service is designed to measure a browser’s JavaScript performance. This is important because many modern dynamic websites make extensive use of JavaScript to provide navigation, forms and other features. Changing browsers to one with a high Peacekeeper score could make these sites faster and more responsive.”

Which is the fastest browser?

“The tables and charts on these pages are compiled from thousands of Peacekeeper results from users all around the world,” Futuremark Corp. reports. “The figures are updated as new results come in. The table below shows how the five major browsers score in Peacekeeper. For each browser we show you the results from the current release and the latest beta build. Most people will be better off using the stable release but there are always people, like us, who have to have the latest of everything.”

More info and the link to run the 5 minute test on your browser here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dirty Pierre le Punk” for the heads up.]

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