Five tips for reading Mac security stories

“Some days it seems the entire world is waiting with bated breath for the eventual fall from grace of the long-vaunted Macintosh security. From industry publications to the mainstream press, even the slightest Mac security hiccup spurs an onslaught of articles, debates, and even the occasional cable news headline. Some stories declare us invulnerable to attacks, while others give the impression that by the time you jump up from your armchair and rush to your Mac, it will already be infected and funneling your life’s savings and family photos to Nigerian spammers. For us Mac users it can be difficult to discern the lines between truth, hype, and outright fantasy,” Rich Mogull writes for TidBITS.

Mogull writes, “As someone who spends most of his time reading, writing, and speaking about security, there are five things I tend to look for in Mac security news to cut to the heart of the story. After all the hype in recent days over the ‘Mac botnet,’ I thought it was time to share some of my tricks.”

Five tips for reading Mac security stories:

• Is the Story Based on a Vendor Press Release?
• Is the Story Really New?
• Is the Security Issue Really New?
• What’s the Mechanism of Action?
• Does the Story Defend Mac Security Based Solely on History?

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