Smart Mac users surf the Net with impunity and Windows apologists hate being reminded about it

“Windows apologists hate being reminded that their platform of choice has long been rife with security problems, and that relatively speaking, the Mac suffers less from these problems,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek.

“I was reminded of this in spades by the furious comments on last week’s column and e-mails from Windows fans,” Hesseldahl writes. “Here’s a sample from a reader known as Robert: ‘NO NEED FOR ANTI-VIRUS ON A MAC??!!! Are you serious? I can’t believe I just read that…'”

Hesseldahl writes, “Yes Robert. You did read it. And I meant it, because I’m living proof that Mac user can exist happily without using anti-virus software on their computer, and I have done so for about a decade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The only “Windows fans” that exist have never really used a Mac, but they sure do love their caps lock keys.

Mac OS users have made a conscious technology choice and are therefore typically better informed than their peers. – Mr. Windows Apologist himself, Paul Thurrott, December 06, 2004

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Biohazard Suit

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