myMassage app turns your iPhone into a vibrating sex toy

myMassage helps turn your iPhone into a vibrating personal massager.

Users can, uh, utilize myMassage to relax anytime of the day or night. According to the developer, AwesomeSauce Apps:

If you’re stressed or just need a quick pick-me-up, let myMassage provide you with quick relief.

Choose from four different massage patterns; from slow and steady to super-fast overdrive! Or, simply shake the phone to randomly select a pattern – great for a quick change of pace when you need it!

myMassage will continue to vibrate if you turn the screen off while it’s running, great for situations where you don’t want your “myMassage” time to be interrupted by a distracting screen.

Give myMassage a spin – it just might provide the relief that you need!

Note: Vibration function only works on iPhone, it will not work on the current version of the iPod touch as it does not have a vibrate function.

myMassage is available via Apple’s iTunes App Store ($0.99) here.

[Attribution: Wired. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Jennifer” anf “Ken C.” for the heads up.]

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