Does Apple have yet another earnings surprise up its sleeve?

“Apple’s earnings announcement Wednesday may be the most closely watched of the tech reports. So far, the company has shown a remarkable ability to navigate through the storms that have dinged virtually everyone else in this industry. Apple’s stock is up 24 percent over the last month as investors anticipate another strong quarter from the company,” Tom Krazit writes for CNET. “Now the question is what’s next.”

“Financial analysts are expecting Apple to record $7.9 billion in revenue for the period that ended in March, its second fiscal quarter, and earnings per share of $1.09. That compares with the company’s own guidance for the quarter of $7.6 billion in revenue and earnings per share between 90 cents and $1,” Krazit reports.

“If Apple matches the analyst estimates, it will have recorded a 6 percent increase in revenue and a 6 percent decline in earnings per share, proving that no one is recession proof. But as anyone who follows Apple’s financial performance knows, the company is notorious for providing guidance way below the mainstream estimates, and then dramatically surpassing that guidance 90 days later,” Krazit reports.

“Will it pull off that trick one more time on Wednesday? Judging by what we’ve seen from its three major divisions over the last three months, Apple is likely to announce another quarter of solid results,” Krazit reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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