Galaga debuts on Apple iPhone and iPod touch

Galaga finally makes its debut on the iPhone and iPod touch,” Brett Molina reports for USA Today.

“The recently released Galaga Remix is actually two titles in one. The download not only includes the classic arcade game, but a revamped version introducing some fun new elements,” Molina reports.

“Many of Galaga’s signature moves and enemies remain, such as foes with tractor beams that capture ships and players wielding two fighters simultaneously after rescuing a ship,” Molina reports. “In the Remix version, players can now earn different power-ups depending on which enemy captured your ship. They range from rapid fire to the ability to spray shots in three different directions.”

“Levels conclude with a boss stage involving a giant enemy. Once cleared, players advance to the signature Challenging Stage to rack up bonus points. Players can also assess their skills through online rankings,” Molina reports.

“The lack of a joystick is notable when playing, especially the classic version. Players move the ships side to side with one of three methods: arrows, a slider or the iPhone’s tilt control. The arrows feel too small to handle with thumbs, while tilting the device to move is awkward. The slider is perhaps the best choice, although it doesn’t come as close to the precision players may get with a joystick,” Molina reports.

Molina reports, “For $5.99 (there is also a Lite version for free), having two games in one is a solid value. However, players wanting this strictly for the classic version may want to skip… [as] players familiar with Galaga might missing having a joystick.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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