Coursey: Apple’s ‘$500 netbook’ to be a $1,000 ‘Super iPod’

“My definition of a netbook is a small notebook computer with a limited feature set that sells for less than $500 and is targeted primarily toward wireless connectivity,” David Coursey blogs for PC World. “Most definitions also require a 10-inch or smaller screen and a keyboard so small that most people wouldn’t enjoy using it to write, say, a nearly 700-word blog post such as this one.”

“If that is how you define a netbook, I don’t think it’s a market Apple cares to play in. Mostly because of money. Apple doesn’t live on the kind of margins that netbooks offer,” Coursey writes. “Take away the price limitation and Apple can play.”

Coursey asks, “So, if Apple were to release a netbook, what would it look like?”

“Whatever Apple does, it won’t be a netbook in the usual sense, I also bet that Apple, if it does anything, will itself avoid using the n-word to describe it… My guess is that if Apple does something it will release a consumer entertainment product rather than a real computer. Maybe a Wi-Fi-only ‘super iPod’ suitable for viewing movies with a friend or two. Perhaps it runs the iPhone OS and offers the same basic functionality, plus a larger onscreen touch keyboard and the ability to work with an add-on wireless keyboard,” Coursey writes.

“That many people will pay a so-called Apple tax means the company can introduce a $1,000 netbook that competes with everyone else’s $500 models and get away with it,” Coursey writes. “Sure, purists will cry ‘foul’ but Apple loyalists will open their checkbooks.”

More in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What if it were a slate not limited to WiFi, but rather a device that would be well-subsidized by Apple’s carrier partners and, therefore, also offer 3G connectivity?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]

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