Slashgear reviews Apple’s 17-inch MacBook Pro: Gorgeous, lightest, thinnest, incredible

“The 17-inch MacBook Pro was the last of the Apple notebook range to get a unibody update, but for those looking for superlative media editing and general processing grunt it more than delivers,” Vincent Nguyen and Chris Davies report for SlashGear.

“For this particular MacBook Pro review unit we opted for the anti-glare LCD display. According to Apple the anti-glare treatment process is almost exactly the same as the standard glossy screen: the coating is applied instead of the final, high-gloss glass panel. Our experience suggests that it completely eliminates glare, and is well worth the $50 upgrade cost,” Nguyen and Davies report. “The quality of the display is already making us wonder how we’ll live without it once Apple demand the review unit back.”

Nguyen and Davies report, “In the metal, the unibody chassis and broad widescreen display are gorgeous, and it manages to rank as the lightest and thinnest 17-inch notebook around… this is a dual-core notebook that really lives up to its ‘desktop replacement’ billing… It’s an incredible workstation with the power to back up its promises. We’re just hoping Apple hear the positive feedback and roll the non-glare display coating option down to the smaller models in the range.”

Full review here.

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