Apple returns push capability to MobileMe

MobileMe - Apple Store (U.S.)“Apple has implemented new features and updates in its subscription based MobileMe cloud services. According to an official email sent out the MobileMe subscribers, the push feature has finally arrived back to the cloud. The Push functions automatically ‘pushes’ any changes made in native devices such as Mac, iPhone or iPod touch to the MobileMe cloud. The Push function went missing since the shift from .Mac to MobileMe web applications,” Techtree reports.

“After the launch of MobileMe, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs avoided mentioning the Push feature while talking about MobileMe. Recently, Apple sent out a fresh email to MobileMe subscribers indicating that Push feature is back with other new features,” Techtree reports.

This is an excerpt from the mail sent: Faster syncing with Mac and PC. Changes you make to contacts and calendars on your Mac (Address Book and iCal) or PC (Microsoft Outlook) are now automatically pushed up to the cloud every time you make an update. Likewise, changes you make on, iPhone, or iPod touch are automatically pushed to your Mac or PC. As a result, your contacts and calendars update faster across all your devices.

Full article here.

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