iPhone Dev Team unlocks Apple’s iPhone 3G

“A band of independent programmers says it has ‘unlocked’ the latest generation of Apple Inc.’s iPhones so the devices can be used on unauthorized wireless networks, in a move that could threaten Apple’s carrier partners,” Yukari Iwatani Kane reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“A group called the iPhone Dev Team released a free piece of software called ‘yellowsn0w’ that unlocks the iPhone 3G. The software lets users reprogram the phones so they can work on any wireless network based on the same technical standard,” Kane reports.

“An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the iPhone Dev Team’s work, only saying that Apple doesn’t support unlocked iPhones in the U.S. Apple offers such phones in Germany and Hong Kong “where government regulation requires it” but they usually come at a steep price,” Kane reports. “Software programmers have been trying to unlock the iPhone 3G since it came out last July.”

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  1. I am an avid mac user and have been for years. But the amazing iPhone has some limitations. Like 9 pages of icons, come on, we need folders to organize games, info, entertainment, etc. and that is available with the hack. Or we all like to customize our desktop’s screen, well why not our iPhone’s? I would even pay for that. Neon and black color scheme are so old now. MMS, and Video recording and many more are available NOW with iPhone Dev-Team’s help. I can’t thank them enough. Try it, you can always reverse it if you don’t like it. I was amazed and won’t go back.

  2. @Mike, are you kidding? The history of mankind revolves around people not being satisfied with what they have.

    Conquerers (Roman Empire, petty warlords) and rebels (US Founding Fathers, Civil Rights movement, etc) are the easiest example, but so are car enthusiasts, inventors and tinkerers.

    I don’t have an iPhone (can’t justify paying almost $100/mo to Robbers… er, Rogers… in Canada to get the same service AT&T;users pay $60 for), but I applaud the efforts of the “iPhone Dev Team.” Progress is not made by the satisfied.

  3. To be honest I think it is great.

    Got nothing to do with kids in garages trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. I for example am a very loyal network user on contract, and I plan to stay that way. But in Europe it is quite easy to travel to the next country. On any other mobile you can just put a local pay-as-you-go SIM in to avoid roaming charges. Not so with the iPhone. Even other exclusives can usually be unlocked after a certain period of time, or for a nominal fee.

    unlocking the iPhone enables people travelling a lot to use local SIM cards, rather than paying the mobile companies extortionate abroad charges.

  4. The Batman,

    That’s about the only reason anyone would want to unlock. The point is, unlocking in order to use on, say, T-Mobile in the US is quite pointless, since you’ll still be stuck with the original AT&T contract which you had to sign before you got to take your iPhone home. In other words, you can unlock it, but you’ll have to continue to pay at least $70 per month to AT&T until two years are out. So, feel free to put a T-Mobile SIM card in and pay that T-Mobile bill on top of the AT&T one.

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