Exclusive images of Apple’s final booth at Macworld Expo 2009

Italian language website setteB.IT has exclusive images of Apple’s final booth at a Macworld Expo and also of the show floor as it stands today.

One of the photos shows a banner over escalators which reads, “Macworld 2010. The start of a new era. January 4-8, 2010.”

See the photos here and here (text in Italian).


  1. @ heroin and Fman

    Click through the links and actually look at the photos before commenting. The banners are MacWorld’s, not Apple’s. I suppose now we’ll see a new wave of ‘Steve is sick’ headlines now.

  2. Would you guys grow up.

    First off all the signs you see are from MacWorld, not Apple. iPhone Nano? I’m sure that Apple called up the people they no longer want to do business with and told them about a new product.

    Second, exclusive view of Apple’s last booth. How about exclusive view of illuminated apple logo and black curtains.

    Third, two different MacWorlds yes, overlapping no. One is the sign for this years MacWorld and one is the sign for NEXT YEARS MacWorld.

    Put down the mouse and go outside. It’s not a conspiracy. Really.

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