FileMaker Pro 10, FileMaker Server 10 coming January 5th

More than one little birdies told us today that FileMaker Pro 10 will be released on January 5, 2009 at a suggested retail price of US$299, upgrade price of $179, and a 5 user license pack for $1196.

FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced will go for a SRP of $499, $299 for upgraders.

FileMaker Server 10, also due on January 5th will retail for $999, $599 for upgraders.

FIleMaker Server 10 Advanced will sell for $2999, upgrade price is $1799.

According to our source, there will now be a new license option offered for FileMaker Pro: an annual license that will expire and must be renewed.

For those making spots on shelves, the boxes for the each of the software titles mentioned above will measure 7.5″ x 5.25″ x 1.75″.

We have no information about features in the products at this time.


  1. How about asking your little birdies what new features will be included with FM 10? Who cares that it will be released if you don’t tell us what it will included.

  2. Filemaker really needs to get the price down on their products or make an intermediate product between Bento and Filemaker. I like Bento, but it’s just single user. They’re just too expensive for small companies to adopt. Hopefully we’ll see Bento Pro of Bento SMB soon!

  3. Man, I need to pay more attention when I type these things! Sorry for the typos, earlier.

    Filemaker is too expensive, not Bento.

    …Bento Pro OR Bento SMB…

    I think that I’m going cross-eyed from working at computers all day!

  4. Filemaker need to make sure that upgrades are actually worthwhile.

    For years they’ve made modest improvements and charged around half the full price for each upgrade.

    I’ve now given up on FM, even though I’ve used it for close to twenty years. I upgraded to FM5.5 to get OS X compatibility, but they’ve added very little that appeals to me since then. However they won’t allow any sort of upgrade to the new version from 5.5, so I’d have to buy it all over again at full price. It’s just not worth it for what my company uses it for.

  5. They can’t make Bento a more universal product. It’s Leopard-only, which rules out Windows.

    Filemaker isn’t THAT expensive, though it’s too bad they raised the upgrade price $30. I skipped 9. So now I’ll pick up 10 since it’s a while since I upgraded, and I’m using it more at work these days.

  6. @AlanAudio:

    You’re a moron and don’t know what you’re talking about. They’ve added very little since FM 5.5? Um, yeah, I don’t even think you should be allowed to be using FileMaker. They’ve changed just about EVERYTHING since FM 5.5, not to mention the *COMPLETE REWRITE* of the product from the ground up with FM 7.0 that took 4 years to complete.

  7. I agree – their pricing policies seem outdated. FM is just too expensive to deploy anymore in a small biz setting (let’s say under 50 employees). The interface (which I hear changed for v10) was ancient. That’s what happens when there is no credible competition in a given space.

    And the last time I looked at Bento it didn’t even do 1-M. Has that changed?

  8. AlanAudio:

    There are many of us (several thousand full-timers) who are very successfully building compelling solutions in FileMaker for small business. And in my case, the solutions are very cost effective for the clients. I make my clients money. The cost of the FileMaker license is not even an issue. You need a professional developer… then your tune will change.

  9. I am the type to upgrade every time and if the UI looks like Bento- then my cash is out the door on day one. I’m developing like crazy for my own business and anything to speed things along like Bento’s UI does would be a welcome change.

  10. I hate to say it, but my major client uses Windows and MS Access for their database and they aren’t about to switch to Filemaker for one little supplier like me.

    I’ve tried everything over the years to import their data into Filemaker, work with it and then export it back etc etc etc and they won’t go for it anymore.


    As much as we are a Mac-only shop (10 people), we are going to have to put windows and MS Access on every machine if we want to keep our major client.

    I HATE windows. I gave up our last Windows-only machine 2 years ago and now this.

    No new upgrade of Filemaker for us. Windows and Access will take the money.

  11. @ Stephen Knight

    Not disparaging FMTouch (as I am an avid user of it and appreciate it greatly!), but I really think of all companies, Filemaker should have been one of the first out there with an iPhone/iTouch application. Instead of FMWebSchool having to figure things out and have an “almost” good enough solution, Filemaker should create something that works seamlessly and fluidly with Filemaker. As for the web solution, it is too slow and obviously not available when disconnected from the internet.

    Come on Filemaker, make us proud with version 10 !

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