Apple leads the charge for tech

“The market’s downturn has plagued the economy. Good stocks now look bad and bad stocks are either bankrupt, bought, or receiving government support. The economic crisis, though, is hopefully coming to an end. With many experts saying that the market is near its bottom, this presents a perfect time to buy. No one can say the exact date of bottoming out, but no one has a crystal ball and stock values are still undervalued, even if not at their lowest points,” Matthew Shannon writes for Seeking Alpha.

“The value investors should be excited about the current market with stock prices well below their book values. Many stocks within the technology sector fit the bill of being severely undervalued. With the technology sector being one sector that rallies quicker from a recession than most other industries, this industry holds stocks that will rebound to their appropriate price on the market,” Shannon writes.

“One stock within the industry that can see the light at the end of the downturn is Apple (AAPL). Apple is severely undervalued at its current price,” Shannon writes.

“Apple’s success comes from its loyal customer base. Most customers that have bought Macs do not switch to PCs, but more and more PC customers make the switch to Macs,” Shannon writes. “The growing strength of the iPhone now being sold at Wal-Mart will also help to strengthen already strong iPhone sales… Don’t forget about R&D and Apple’s great pipeline.”

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  1. It certainly was good to sort out some of the riff raff (guess the bankers were spared) that have overextended themselves on credit to invest.

    Remember Apple is the second best stock on the planet for the last 10 years prior to this bump. People who want to play on the speed stocks, well that can be fun, but it’s gambling over the short term…an investment over the long term.

    Ya only lose or gain when you sell (and escapeth the tax folks).

  2. It would be refreshing if some focussed less on the stock for a change and tuned in on other less exciting aspects of the company. I hear, for example, the company actually makes tangible objects, and yet not too shabby with the intangibles. Rumour has it, they have a pretty decent production pipeline too and a clean balance sheet to trot. And in their free times, during the lunch hours maybe, they even dabble in meshing with arts and science. Oh, and there’s that voodoo universe denting R&D;stuff too that I hear about from time to time. However less reputable for charities, I hear they make do to keep their employees employed even in bad weather. Some of those employees are even grateful and don’t think too poorly of their top managements. They don’t seem to have the inclination to keep up with the ‘speculating folks’ meanwhile, by offering them up to the minute minute details of individual health reports and where and when should a certain someone present a keynote on whichever paradigm.

    So, yeah, picking up on that same cue, I think I’d like to concentrate on other stuff too.

    MDN MW: results.

  3. I wish the anal-ysts would read up on the company and what they have done and mention how GOOD apple is… other than splurging out a bunch of crap to drive the stocks down. Seems no matter what apple does there will be something to pop up for someone to twist and turn or make up just to drive the stock down. So sure I do like to focus on other things but good or bad everything seems to be effecting the stock price. I bet that big waste of money microsoft is spending for their marketing is really just paying analysts to make up stuff. Seems logical and working well. Funny thing is…. Apple still has billions in the bank of free cash just sitting around.

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