RUMOR: Apple to release Apple TV software for any Mac; turn any Mac into an Apple TV

We’ve heard through the grapevine that Apple is considering releasing the Apple TV software as a separate box / download purchase.

Take any Mac, install the Apple TV software on it, deploy the appropriate video adapter, and “Boom!” – you have an Apple TV.

We heard a range of prices: Free – US$99. We’ve also heard that the release may be limited to Macs with Mini DisplayPorts.

Our grapevine also says to prepare for the Apple TV to be opened up to a special gaming section of the App Store, where multiplayers can use their iPhones and iPod touches as controllers.

MacDailyNews Note: This is a rumor from an anonymous source, so take it with a truckload of salt.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV would get a lot more use and sell a lot more units if it offered more content (especially for rent). This isn’t necessarily Apple’s fault (Hollywood), but, regardless of who’s at fault, dearth of content is the main issue remaining with Apple TV. Need more input, Stephanie.


  1. I kinda wish things would go the other direction. I wish I could get the new screensaver Leopard has on the AppleTV.

    With the economy as it is, I don’t expect Apple to introduce anything really new or cool until it picks back up again.

  2. If they open up the platform then that would mean there’s no need to manufacture the ATV hardware. Would this mean Mini sales would take off? Would this be an Intel Apple item only?

    Guess most folks would need a pretty long DVI cable unless Apple makes a wireless TV connection to stream off your Mac.

  3. or… other than one brief commercial’s run, they could’ve actually advertised for the ATV over the last two years.


    i’ve never met anyone whom actually knew what i was talking about when i go on and on about how cool mine is. bought the day it was released.

  4. the BIG PITA with using your mac to watch movies is that DVI doesnt send the sound. So after connecting your mini display display port-to-dvi adapter, then your extra long dvi-to-hdmi cable to your tv – youve now got a silent movie – hurrah !
    Tv’s which take hdmi-in expect the sound – theres no separate audio-in, which means you need to hook the audio direct to a sound system.
    With a set of pre-requisites like these, its unlikely many will bother. Im a complete tech-head with every cable and adapter imaginable to hand, and I wont.

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