Steve Jobs missed the first Macworld Expo, too

“Steve Jobs didn’t show up to the first Macworld Expo, which was held in San Francisco in January 1985, one year after the introduction of the Macintosh. He was in the city, but he spent most of his time holed-up at the Union Square Hyatt Hotel with his strikingly beautiful blond girlfriend, whom I only knew as Tina,” David Bunnell, founder of Macworld Magazine and Macworld Expo, reports for The San Francisco Gate.

“I know this because Jobs and Tina came to the Macworld magazine dinner party I put together at the Sutter 500 restaurant to celebrate the success of the first expo, and of the first year of the Mac itself,” Bunnell reports.

“Later on, [Apple CEO John] Sculley confided to me and to my partner, Bart Rhoades, that the first Macworld Expo had saved Apple,” Bunnell reports. “He complained that Jobs and his team were so burned out from getting the Mac out the door that they had accomplished virtually nothing since. Users were clamoring for more memory, a hard drive, faster boot-up, a color monitor and other enhancements. Macintosh sales had started off with a bang, thanks to the 1984 Super Bowl commercial and to the Mac’s ease of use and graphic capabilities, but by 1985, sales had slowed considerably.”

Bunnell reports, “Jobs may have been camping out with Tina, but the other Apple folks were at the Expo, listening to their customers. When they left, they had a renewed sense of urgency. I often wonder, had Jobs bothered to show up at the first Macworld Expo, if he, too, might have regained his focus.”

“Instead, Jobs got into a power struggle with Sculley. By the end of May, he was sacked as the leader of the Mac division,” Bunnell reports. “The first Macworld Expo he attended was in 1997, shortly after his return to Apple.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Wow, Steve didn’t care enough to even go to the expo. That makes me wonder if the Simpson’s episode was correct. Do we have the wool pulled over our eyes? Are we buying products from a company that doesn’t really care about us at the top level?

    I hope not, time to buy some more!

  2. I would take all that David Bunnel says with a BIG grain of salt (except for Tina’s berefootin’, where I guess he’s right! =;) ) for a good reason: I was there and IT WAS NOT HELD AT THE MOSCONE CENTER!!!!

    I event think the Moscone Center was not finished at the time!

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