Apple takes 3.6% stake in mobile system-on-chip maker Imagination Technologies

“In a surprise move today, Apple took a 3.6 percent stake in leading mobile system-on-chip graphics developer, Imagination Technologies. Apple took 8.2m shares in Imagination at 39p per share at a cost of £3.2m,” Jonny Evans reports for Distorted-Loop.

“The acquisition of the stake appears to confirm rumours that Apple was the ‘international electronics systems company’ mentioned in Imagination’s 4 September announcement about a multi-year, multi-use licensing agreement for use of Imagination’s current and future POWERVR graphics and video intellectual property cores,” Evans reports. “These technologies – already used in iPhone – offer excellent graphics and performance at very, very low power.”

Evans reports, “The current iPhone model and most other mobile devices use a version of the PowerVR MBX graphics processor core … Imagination’s next generation graphics core, the PowerVR SGX, introduces OpenGL ES 2.0 support, along with a Universal Scalable Shader Engine that provides mobile devices with highly efficient, shader-based 3D graphics.”

Evans reports, “With the built in processor expertise of PA Semi already in the frame, it’s highly probable Apple’s investment in Imagination Technologies reflects the importance of its mobile plans, and likely also reflects just how close to market products enabled by this multi-company development effort have become.”

Full article here.

Imagination Technologies press release, verbatim:

Apple Inc. is subscribing for 8,200,000 new shares of Imagination Technologies Group plc (LSE: IMG) at 39p per share, the mid market close price on 17 December 2008, subject only to listing and admission of the new shares. Following the share placement, Apple will have an ownership interest of 3.6%. Apple is a licensee of Imagination’s technology. Application for the new shares to be admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange and the Official List of the UKLA has been made and it is expected that listing and admission of those shares will occur by 8am today.

Source: Imagination Technologies Group


  1. “…it’s highly probable Apple’s investment in Imagination Technologies reflects the importance of its mobile plans…”

    That would be an understatement. Seeing that Apple Inc. was projecting their iPhone sales through December 31, 2008 to be 10m units and 1% of the phone market. Mobile plans for Apple have most certainly increased in complexity and determination. When your hot, your hot.

  2. I participate in several other online forums/discussion groups, and long ago one of them decided that discussion was to be about the subject at hand… not spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Now, while it does perplex me that folks make some common mistakes, I come here for Mac/Apple related information and news, and as such, I realize that some folks might be whiz bang with a computer, but may have skipped several classes in school while nerding-off in the computer lab. So, I can forgive minor errors because really, they don’t threaten me in any way. I make plenty of them myself LOL. Would it be nice if everyone typed/wrote perfect english? Of course it would. And there are many folks that visit MDN from around the world too, that are many years removed from their last english classes.

  3. Apple’s purchase of PA Semi and investment in Imagination Technologies means that Apple is going to design their own proprietary chips.

    This will give Apple products performance capabilities unavailable to the competition. Controlling, and having developed, comprehensive and easy to use, develop tools means those proprietary chips will not be a hindrance to developers.

    I like the way Apple has made key of its technologies open source, or released to (and subsequently adopted by) ISO. Apple technologies are starting to supplant Microsoft’s attempt to force its standards (closed and controlled by MSFT) on the industry.

  4. Start saving your pennies boys and girls. We’re going to have to buy the next gen iPhone or Touch again in a year or so.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Buying P.A. Semi, buying a stake in Imagination Technologies, doing an extraordinary rendition on Mark Papermaster, pulling out of Macworld…Apple is making power moves.

    Competition? What’s that?

    Steve and Apple will close out a kickass decade strong in ’09! The foundation is now laid.

    Olmecmystic ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

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    The world is vast (more or less)…

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