Apple releases Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4

Apple today released Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4 which extends RAW file compatibility for Aperture 2 and iPhoto 08 for the following cameras:

• Canon EOS 5D Mark II
• Canon PowerShot G10
• Pentax K2000/K-m
• Leaf AFi-II 6
• Leaf AFi-II 7
• Leaf Aptus-II 6
• Leaf Aptus-II 7
• Leica M8.2

Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4 also addresses issues related to specific cameras and overall stability.

More info and download link here.


  1. Why does Apple ignore the recent Lumix Cameras when Adobe Aperture just made them compatible with Lightroom. Bad marketing…stupid approach. Digital cameras with RAW functions ought to be on the compatible list no more than 3 months after making their debut.

  2. “Adobe Aperture” – Ha! Maybe I’m picking up some premonition about Apple purchasing Adobe. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I call for the manufacturers to stop making proprietary and new for each model RAW formats that force both Apple and Adobe to reverse engineer to the files to decode them.

    I can’t wait for a day that a major manufacturer folds in favor of DNG or opening their own format. DNG may have some small color limitations, but I would gladly take that over proprietary formats. Not to mention the progress that would be made with programming efforts placed in to decoding current RAWs being redirected in to making a universal open RAW format better.

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