iPhone copy-and-paste now working between Safari and Mail

“Finally, someone has conceived a way to copy and paste text from Safari to Mail, and between web pages. And this time, it doesn’t require any software installation and it’s legal,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo.

MacDailyNews Note: Pastebud’s Web site hasn’t launched yet, but its developers have a demo of the Web-based service on YouTube:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

“In fact, it doesn’t require anything to be installed, so it avoids the App Store altogether. As you can see in the video, Pastebud works using two bookmarks in Safari. One prepares and loads the page you are viewing, ready to select text at the touch of a finger. From there, you can copy any text you want and create a new mail message with that text in it. In addition to that, you will be able to copy and paste in the text field of a different web page,” Diaz reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Kudos for the tech demo, amazing work.

    However using the web as an intermediary clipboard for copy and paste is never going to catch on. This is waaay awkward.

    The worst thing about the iPhone and the slowest hardest to use application on it is the web browser. It’s even slower and more awkward when you have to deal with multiple pages like this and switching back and forth.

    It would quite literally be faster to type that paragraph in than to use this method (although it does look cool I admit).

  2. Someone “Finally, conceived a way..”??

    Like it takes much brain power. The iPhone is a multitouch display. All Apple has to do is enable left-click for a context sensitive menu, or simply add a copy/paste button set.

  3. I am amazed that so few people care about system wide search on the iphone. YEARS ago I was amazed at the power of system wide search on my Palm Pilot. I want to do the same on my iphone. What is the hold up? I also can’t understand why notes and todos don’t sync with the Mail.app on my Mac. I would take both of those before copy and paste. I like the keyboard on my iphone, but I would only do word processing as a last resort.

  4. Meh….still not a good solution. It looks rather like a Microsoft way to do it.

    You should be able to hold down a finger, and use the other finger to highlight the area. Then if you double tap it, it will bring up a dialog asking if you want to copy. And then when you go to mail or whatever, when you hold down a finger and double tap with another finger, it will ask if you want to paste.

  5. -Copy-paste
    -Group changes in Address Book (either assigning ringtones or other changes) Either on the iPhone or in Address Book or iTunes.
    -Having the ability to order and re-order the sheet pages/and applications on the iPhone directly in iTunes, or some 3rd party application on your computer.
    -MMS would be nice, but I am indifferent, as long as the ability to send more than one picture at a time is added. There are still many folks out there who can only receive MMS and there is no way to email a picture to them. The posted work arounds don’t work.

    I don’t mind that the iPhone doesn’t natively support file storage, as there are many 3rd party apps that do it and do it well. (I use AirSharing)

    The ability to do simple edits to a Pages, Word, Excel or Numbers document would be terrific. I know this would be very difficult to implement, but it truly would be icing on the iPhone cake.

  6. Spotlight should be on the iPhone/ iPod Touch, and should be in the same place it is on the Mac desktop… top right corner. It should also provide the same function too. Will be nice once that gets incorporated…. and someday it will.

    The Dude abides.

  7. I wonder how many people that comment (and voted) here actually own an iphone? Am I the only one that want what should have been on the iPhone?

    In order of day to day usability:

    1. System wide handwriting recognition. Imagine writing a tel or number or name to initiate a search to then dial, sms or email a contact. Imagine jotting down a quick note, etc. etc. If you think this is impossible check out an awesome little app, Writepad (that I think gets way too little attention and has huge potential)

    2. *Local* system wide voice recognition to dial and to control iPod. Check out Vocalia for voice dialing.

    3. Landscape email, notes, as a matter of fact landscape mode for everything.

    4. System wide spell checking.

    5. Keyboard dictionary – instead of listing just one possible word, to list three possible words.

    6. Forwarding of a received SMS

    7. Answer a call by pressing the home button without having to unlock first.

    8. When waking up the iPhone by pressing the home button, without having to unlock first, to show a quick status window of missed calls, number of new emails, etc.

    9. Louder ring tones and ability to customize email and calendar alerts. Also repeat tone for calendar events.

    10. Better support for sending USSD commands.

    11. A more rugged model for real people in the harsh real world.

    These are just a couple I can think of on this my personal wish list. These are not to criticize the iPhone. As a matter of fact I have come to realize that real users of a superior product often become so spoilt that we overlook at what we actually do get, and also because of the natural human instinct to strive after perfection, we sometimes place too high a standard on a superb product to reach a level of perfection we desire to see in everything.

    I am anyway quite sure that all the functionality mentioned in my humble little wish list are logical and practical and therefore will eventually be incorporated in future versions of the excellent iPhone software.

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