Apple’s Wal-Mart deal would effectively kill Google’s Android

An Apple deal with Wal-Mart to sell iPhone would “significantly increase the number of people who desire to own an iPhone [or an iPod touch]. Obviously, this is not aimed at expanding Apple’s presence in the business community [not aimed at the Blackberry market], but instead, Joe-6-Pack [or is that Joe the plumber?]. In the unfortunate event that the potential buyer just signed a contract with another cell carrier, they could be cross-sold an iPod Touch – at Wal-Mart,” Bapcha blogs for Seeking Alpha.

“People who were intrigued by the Android platform – which Google tried to promote using ‘amateurish’ videos on GoogTube knowing full well that they were competing with Apple’s slick advertisement campaigns – watched the ‘Android Chronicles’ in despair. They were appalled at the G1-Phone’s clunky feel, that it did not look as cool as the iPhone, and a not so significantly cheaper $179 price tag (albeit with only a one year contract with T-mobile, which has the sparsest network in the USA). These issues make it almost impossible for all – except the most die-hard Android fan – to like the G1-Phone,” Bapcha writes.

“The Apple-WalMart deal will deliver a death blow to the still young G1-Phone/Android platform,” Bapcha writes.

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  1. I think it might be harder to kill android than you think. Google has lots of cash, clout, and will probably be tougher to topple than just the iPhone, in its current form, can handle.

    I still don’t look to see Apple heavily entrenched into Wal-Mart. If this happens seems to me it will be when Apple gets desperate. Right now they are selling all the hardware they can make without Wal-Mart.

  2. nah…I was shocked when I asked my non-technical daughter what the hot phone in her High School was…she said the G1…she’s never been wrong on any trend thus far.


    Well she’s wrong on this one. My 15 year old has made it abundantly clear that the iPhone is the hot ticket in his school. He also said a few kids still think Pc’s are cool, but not many. Perhaps one of them is your daughter?

  3. This sound like fantasy to me. Just someone’s opinion. Me thinks he is wrong.

    WalMart is where all the low-grade sh*t is sold to the low-income losers. Apple not being in that market is not going to hurt sales at all.

    This whole category of devices (phones and netbooks) is going to be confused for a while, but when it all shakes out I would argue that it will be iPhone vs. various Android devices and no one else (WinMobile) will even be in the market anymore.

    For a wild guess on share, I would say 80% iPhone OS and 20% Android by 2014 for all phones and netbooks.

  4. @mac 4 long.

    I’m sorry that u believe that suggesting someone may be a PC user is an insult, but it wasn’t intended to be.. In fact, the only insult I’ve read is the one u gave to me..

    Let’s face it, we all know that the G1 is not “the new thing” or the hot ticket in town.. Just because one man says his daughter says so doesn’t mean anything.. Look around, look at Apple stores, look at high schools, look at sales figures.. The iPhone is kicking down every competitor.

  5. Wow! Everybody sounds wound pretty tight. Apple better think about some news leaks if not full releases of new products, . . . soon!
    In the meantime, let’s let Balmer be Balmer. It’s not likely to have any ill effects on Apple whatever he decides. And it might be very interesting to see what Apple uncovers in discovery with their lawsuit with Pystar. If MS is behind them, then Apple can march them right back into court over anti-trust violations. Remember, that judge just gave MS another several years of official scrutiny for the convicted felons.

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