Apple Mac surges as PC demand shrinks; 1 in 3 buyers plan to buy Apple Mac in next 90 days

“ChangeWave’s latest survey on consumer PC buying shows weaker demand for the holidays – yet there are also positive signs,” Paul Carton reports for Seeking Alpha.

“Just one year ago, 11% of respondents planned to buy a laptop in the next 90 days, compared to only 8% in the latest survey. A similar drop has occurred for desktops, with 8% planned buyers last November dropping to just 6% currently,” Carton reports.

“Midst the bad news, Apple and its newly revamped MacBook line are still managing to gain traction with consumers,” Carton reports.

“The new Apple MacBooks feature aluminum unibody enclosures and improved graphics, as well as glass multi-touch trackpads – and 7% of respondents now say they’re likely to buy one over the holidays,” Carton reports. “In addition, another 6% say they’re likely to purchase the traditional White MacBook Laptop, which Apple recently lowered the price on to $999.”

Carton reports, “Overall, one-in-three respondents (33%) plan to buy an Apple laptop over the next 90 days – up 4-pts since September – while 27% plan to buy an Apple desktop, a 1-pt increase.”

“Moreover, the uptick for Apple is occurring in the context of a rapidly shrinking PC market,” Carton reports. “Nonetheless it’s not easy to increase market share right during the worst spending environment in years. Thanks to their refreshed line of MacBooks, Apple is doing just that.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. I dont think it really has anything at all to do with a refresh in anything at all… People want an Apple computer because they are better and they are starting to finally see the better part of getting one over some craptastic PC. Sure making them look better and better each time does help but I think its the move to intel that was the biggest move which allows windows to run native.

  2. In other news 2 out of 3 people just lost their job so the need for any new computer be it mac or pc based is non exsistent.

    Perhaps the PC downtick is due to companies (and users) are making due in a difficult economy and a new computer is not high on the list of needs. Once things turn around you will see growth all around and Apple will still be in their 9-15% market share slot.

  3. PomPom Squad,

    U.S. unemployment rate is currently 6.7%.

    5% is the baseline and indicates full employment for those who wish to be employed.

    Therefore, 1.7 out of 100 people in the U.S. are currently unemployed, not “2 out of 3.”

    There’s a massive discrepancy between the fantasy numbers/story that you’ve concocted and actual reality.

  4. Just helped a business buy it’s second Mac last night. And more to come, probably around 6 eventually! haha!

    And don’t forget, if you get a new Mac for Christmas, sell your old Mac cheap to a switcher who can’t decide, or let them “borrow” it for awhile. I often give my 4 or 5 year old Macs away to a switcher. They often think it runs faster than the newer, but infested PC they’ve grown to hate.

  5. @PomPom Squad

    Bet your “2 out of 3” figure will automatically be changed to “2 out of 300” when the new administration is sworn in and the media turn the spin around.

    But I really do like your “perhaps” disclaimer in the second paragraph. Like most self-proclaimed prognosticators, you leave yourself an exit strategy that is both laughable and pathetic. Nothing that happens from this point on lies outside your sibylline predictions, does it?

    Do keep it up. You bring mirth into our morning meditations.

  6. Carton reports. “Nonetheless it’s not easy to increase market share right during the worst spending environment in years.”

    Carlton is wrong. These market conditions are precisely where we see major changes in market share. It may be hard to increase sales in this economy, but a company can see its market share rise on declining sales if everyone else is declining faster.

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