$99 4GB Apple iPhone 3G coming soon to Walmart?

“We just got a tip that in addition to the iPhone 3G actually making its way to Walmart, as we exclusively told you, there will be a 4GB model priced at $99 with a 2-year agreement,” The Boy Genius reports.

“Now, we all know Apple dropped the 4GB iPhone from its initial line-up, but that was at a $399 price-point. 4GB is certainly enough for some songs and short music videos, but let’s not kid ourselves. Anyone looking to spend $99 on an iPhone probably doesn’t care that much about storage anyway and they’ll be more than happy to drop that amount for one of the best-selling smartphones in the country,” TBG reports.

Full article, in which TBG notes that while this one remains firmly in the rumor column due to an unproven source, it does help to somewhat bolster earlier rumors (see related articles below), here.

MacDailyNews Take: BTW, we just got a tip that Lucille Ball and Steve Jobs were spotted canoodling at Disneyland, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to post it… Oh, wait, we just did.


  1. This is freakin’ great. Now every Walmart shopper is going to be walking around in 2009 with a shinny new iPhone. How the hell can us Apple elitists stand out if Walmart shoppers are using iPhones.

  2. This IS great. The iPod dominates because it has versions that compete at the low-end ($49 shuffle) as well as the higher end (iPod Touch/iPod Classic). And none of them are “trash,” they’re all great products for their price range. That’s more or less what Apple needs to do with the iPhone. A lot of the folks who can only afford a $99 phone today will be able to “upgrade” to a higher end phone in a couple of years. Get them hooked on iPhone’s ease of use and the App Store now, and Apple will keep them for a long time!

  3. Screw Walmart and all their cheap ass customers!

    People wonder what’s wrong with America (& the world) these days… look no further than Walmart and “The Walmart Effect”

  4. The objection I hear from people is not the price of the phone but the monthly cost of the voice & data plan. However, a $99 purchase price may entice more than a few to give it a try. I think we’ll see more people drop their land lines in favor of a cell phone only.

  5. I don’t believe it. In order for this to make any kind of financial sense the cost difference between a 4GB memory chip and an 8GB memory chip would have to be significant. I would guess that the actual cost difference is negligible so why would Apple give up a large chunk of their profit to sell a cheaper version of the best selling smartphone. Also 4gb is very little space for most people when you start considering the App Store – a driving force behind the iphone success. I have almost a 1 GB of Apps on my iphone current. And it’s not like you can upgrade your memory later.

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