Apple Store Online now offering iPhone 3G Gift Card

Apple’s iPhone 3G is a lot of amazing things: a revolutionary phone, widescreen iPod, breakthrough Internet device, and home for thousands of applications. Now, with an iPhone 3G Gift Card, it’s also the perfect gift.

Give one in any amount starting at $25 toward the cost of a new iPhone. Gift-givers can also enter any amount between $25 – $2500 and buy up to 10 cards at a time.

Cardholders simply take this card to any Apple Retail Store and redeem it toward the cost of a new iPhone 3G.

Here’s what else they can do:
• Create a new iPhone account using a convenient online process.
• Select a time to visit a nearby Apple Retail Store to pick up their iPhone 3G.
• Meet personally with an Apple Specialist to set up and customize their iPhone.

More info here (left hand side of page).

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jessica” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Posting will be limited today as we spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. For those celebrating the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving and, as always, thanks for visiting MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews!


  1. Someone should say this so I will. I’m very thankful for Mac Daily News. It provides me with news, entertainment and great information every day. It’s big job and the MDN people do it extremely. Thank you MDN. You are appreciated.

  2. Welll…’s a job..but so is the job of a mailman, a waitress,
    a surgeon, a boxboy. I appreciate the effort and energy all these people put into their work. It’s an honorable pursuit and MDN and others who work in our service deserve our thanks.
    Gratitude works.

  3. I don’t “get” this iPhone 3G Gift Card.

    The giver can just buy the regular Apple Gift Card as a gift, and then the person getting the card can use it toward an iPhone or almost anything else in the store. I guess it’s clever marketing.

    Thanks MDN and happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Read this article in it’s entirety, it concerns your privacy and what the new Safari’s “Google anti-phishing/anti-malware” is gleaming from your surfing habits.

    Just to let you know, Google keeps a record of IP addresses and the websites you visit and search terms. IP addresses can be tracked to a particular person who owns a internet connection and/or a machine which then can be tracked using MAC addresses to a specific computer/log in times/names.

    Sure turning off “Fraudulent Web sites” in Safari’s Security Preferences may stop the data gleaming, but it still could be going on in the background.

    Apple always has been terrible about it’s customers privacy issues.

  5. Ok I have a better plan.

    For the Holidays, give your loved ones and friends money. They can use this money to put into their bank account, and buy anything they want. Anything. End of Story.

    We don’t need to limit spending to specific things. All gift cards are a market SCAM to take money and must be stopped.

    My advice to everyone, either buy a gift for someone, or give them money. Do Not Buy Gift Cards!

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