Apple posts Black Friday deals, save on Macs, iPods, and more for one day only

Apple has posted their Apple Store Black Friday deals. These prices are good for one day only (today) and are available at Apple Online Store (U.S.), Apple Online Store (Canada), and other Apple Online Stores around the world as well as in Apple’s Retail Stores.

Also, don’t forget to comparison shop! Try OnSale here, MacMall here, and BestBuy here.

Apple Store Black Friday Deals:

iMac 20-inch, 2.4GHz: $1,148. Save $51.00. (Was $1,199)
iMac 20-inch, 2.66GHz: $1,398. Save $101.00. (Was $1,499)
24-inch, 2.8GHz: $1,698. Save $101.00. (Was $1,799)
24-inch, 2.8GHz: $2,098. Save $101.00. (Was $2,199)

MacBook, White, 2.1GHz: $948. Save $51. (Was $999)
MacBook, Unibody, 2.0GHz: $1,198. Save $101. (Was $1,299)
MacBook, Unibody, 2.4GHz: $1,498. Save $101. (Was $1,599)

Apple TV
Apple TV with 40GB drive: $208. Save $21. (Was $229)
Apple TV with 160GB drive: $308. Save $21. (Was $329)

8GB iPod nano: $138. Free laser engraving. Save $11. (Was $149)
16GB iPod nano: $188. Free laser engraving. Save $11. (Was $199)
8GB iPod touch: $208. Free laser engraving. Save $21. (Was $229)
16GB iPod touch: $278. Free laser engraving. Save $21. (Was $299)
32GB iPod touch: $378. Free laser engraving. Save $21. (Was $399)
120GB iPod classic: $228. Free laser engraving. Save $21. (Was $249)

Apple accessories
Nike + iPod Sport Kit: $24. Save $5. (Was $29)
Nike + iPod Sensor: $14. Save $5. (Was $19)
Apple iPhone 3G Dock: $24. Save $5. (Was $29)
Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset: $88. Save $11. (Was $99)
AirPort Express Base Station: $88. Save $11. (Was $99)
Time Capsule 500 GB: $278. Save $21. (Was $299)

Creative tools
M-Audio KeyStudio 49: $68. Save $31.95. (Was $99.95)
Sanyo Xacti VPC-E2 Waterproof Digital Camcorder (Blue): $198. Save $201.95. (Was $399.95)
Canon Rebel XS Kit (Black): $498. Save $101.95. (Was $599.95)
Eye-Fi Share 2GB Wireless Memory Card: $68. Save $31.95. (Was $99.95)

Office 2008 for Mac – Special Media Edition: $148. Save $351.95. (Was $499.95)
FileMaker Bento 2: $34. Save $15.95. (Was $49.95)
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6: $58. Save $31.95. (Was $89.95)
VMware Fusion 2: $58. Save $21.95. (Was $79.95)
Computrace LoJack for Laptops Premium Mac – 3 Years: $54. Save $55.95. (Was $109.95)

Games for Mac
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: $44. Save $10.95. (Was $54.95)
Age of Empires III: $44. Save $10.95. (Was $54.95)
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith with Guitar Controller: $68. Save $11.95. (Was $79.95)
The Sims 2: $38. Save $11.95. (Was $49.95)

Bags and cases for Mac
Brenthaven MetroLite BackPack (Red): $48. Save $41.95. (Was $89.95)
Incase Neoprene Sleeve for 13-inch MacBook (Burgundy): $28. Save $6.95. (Was $34.95)
Incase Nylon Messenger Bag: $68. Save $31.95. (Was $99.95)
Brenthaven Edge I Case for 13-inch MacBook and MacBook Air (Steel Blue): $38. Save $21.95. (Was $59.95)

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speakers: $98. Save $31.95. (Was $129.95)
Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime Premium Alarm Clock for iPhone and iPod (Black): $78. Save $21.95. (Was $99.95)
Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass FX3022 Speakers: $78. Save $51.95. (Was $129.95)
Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker System for iPhone: $148. Save $51.95. (Was $199.95)
Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker System: $28. Save $11.95. (Was $39.95)

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones: $298. Save $51.95. (Was $349.95)
Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II Headphones for iPhone and iPod: $44. Save $15.95. (Was $59.95)
Sennheiser MX 85 Sport II Earphones for iPhone and iPod: $44. Save $15.95. (Was $59.95)
Sennheiser OMX 80 Sport II Earphones for iPhone and iPod: $44. Save $15.95. (Was $59.95)

Griffin PowerDock 2 Charging Base for 2 iPod or iPhone Models: $38. Save $11.95. (Was $49.95)
Incase 2-in-1 Wall & Car Charger for iPod and iPhone: $28. Save $11.95. (Was $39.95)
Kensington Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod: $58. Save $11.95. (Was $58)
Incase Power Slider Case for iPhone 3G: $78. Save $21.95. (Was $99.95)

There’s more. See all of Apple’s Black Friday deals here.

Canadians: Check out the deals via Apple Online Store (Canada)

Also, don’t forget to comparison shop! Try OnSale here, MacMall here, and BestBuy here.


  1. This is probably the one thing that pisses me off to no end about Apple. Their Black Friday sale has got to be the most insanely shitty deals on the planet. First off, I get discounts at Apple through my employer. They’re better discounts than what Apple is offering. Secondly, they don’t give discounts on everything. Last, that stuff you do get discounts on is either (a) the shit you don’t want anyway or (b) so poorly discounted that my regular discount is better than their offer.

    Come on jackasses. Where’s the “deep discount”? I want a MacBook Pro and waited until today to get it. Lucky for me you didn’t discount that at all. Honestly. What the hell? This is jackassery on the order of Microsoft style.

    I have to liken this to reading a book that everyone hypes up because it’s so great and awesome so you start to read it. But as you get to the part that’s interesting the book ends. It leaves you hanging, feeling used, incomplete and angry.

    Thanks for nothing Apple!

  2. No thanks, I’ll pass. Apple is gonna get reamed in this economy. Prices are coming down like crazy because people are so tight with money. Apple prices just look weirder and weirder as everything else is coming down.

  3. Morons, Apple isn’t going to ever discount anything to such an extreme. They have other retailers to discount their products. That, and they don’t have to discount their products. You discount your products so you can move your product. As we all know, Apple doesn’t have a problem moving their product. “But Jarrett, we are all loyal users, why can’t Apple do something great for us?” They do some great things for us, they keep their noses to the grind stone and keep up on software updates, are always working on making better products, and they don’t listen to anyone outside of Apple on what they should do. Quit bitching about the pricing, I don’t think they should ever discount the product, it cheapens the brand. If you can’t afford to play with the big boys, I hear Dell makes a great system.

  4. “”Investment firm Kaufman Bros. said Wednesday it believes Apple is preparing to offer its deepest Black Friday discounts ever,”


    The “deep discount” rumor was pure speculation from an investment firm… That’s why you should take rumors with a grain of salt..

  5. I love Apple, but I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a Mac directly from them. Amazon, MacMall, MacConnection you name it, they have always offered better alternatives. Today, apparently is no deferent.

    This is indeed a disappointment. Apple and MDN touting this like the deal of the year turned out to be a let down.

  6. Enlightened producers and distributors realize that deep-discounting (especially on website sales) and subsequently undercutting the majority of one’s retail sales base is not a good plan for long-term sales stability.

    This is the same concept employed by Apple when determining RAM pricing. Sure, they have the leverage to make BTO RAM kits available at prices that would be lower to consumers, but that would make it more difficult for retailers to offer competitive pricing on such packages, thus reducing their volume and incentive.

    By not irreperably damaging relations with retailers Apple does a better job of making a larger cross-section of their products available to a wider audience in the long term. They also make it easier for all involved at the retail end to realize higher margins per unit sold. As long as they let demand drive production and the combination of function, design and marketing keep the demand high there is no reason to deviate from this strategy.

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