CNET: Apple is scared of RIM’s Storm

“Is it a coincidence that Apple’s iPhone 2.2 update was released on the same day the BlackBerry Storm hit stores with a touch screen, 3G connectivity, and enterprise-friendly functionality that rivals anything Apple has on the market?” Don Reisinger asks for CNET.

“I think not,” writes Reisinger. “Apple realizes that RIM is releasing a major offering that could shake Steve Jobs and Co. to its core… Say what you will, but Apple is scared. And it should be.”

Reisinger writes, “Regardless, the BlackBerry Storm provides the kind of experience that we haven’t seen yet from RIM.”

MacDailyNews Take: You can say that again:
• TIME Mag reviews RIM’s BlackBerry Storm: ‘Novelty screen feels cheap; steer clear of this storm’ – November 20, 2008
Chicago Tribune reviews RIM’s BlackBerry Storm: ‘Can’t compete with Apple’s iPhone’ – November 20, 2008
Gizmodo reviews RIM’s BlackBerry Storm: ‘Heavy, laggy, sluggish, unstable, clunky, and tiring’ – November 20, 2008
Engadget reviews RIM’s BlackBerry Storm: ‘Frustrating, inelegant, uncomfortable; a disappointment’ – November 20, 2008
PC World reviews RIM’s BlackBerry Storm: ‘Awkward, disappointing; a failed experiment’ – November 20, 2008
BlackBerry Storm: No Wi-Fi. No iPod. No iTunes App Store. No sale. – November 14, 2008

Reisinger continues, “Although it will never admit it, and Apple will claim that its iTunes integration and App Store makes it a better choice, you can bet that company executives are running scared Friday. Even though Apple created this category and revolutionized the market, RIM just one-upped the founders, and Apple knows that… The iPhone was cool, up until yesterday. But today, there’s a new phone in town, and if you ask me, it just took the title.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “MobiWan” and “Tim” for the heads up.]

Puleeze. The only thing Apple could possibly be scared of it is that something from RIM’s crack hardware and software devs might rub off.

CNET, is it too much to ask for at least some semblance of reality to be included in your Dvorkian hit-whoring?


  1. OK, so the “Storm” got one good plug out of… what 20 or so? And CNET didn’t even really give a good review. Guess Apple just waited around for the last couple months with this update just sitting there- waiting for RIM to finally figure out how to get their phones to work. I can’t wait for RIM to put their updates out for the STORM. You can down-load them… can’t you? I mean, just like the iPhone?

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