Mobispine offers first native MMS app for iPhone

Mobispine is ready to sell MMS on iPhone to global operators — who will then offer the service to end-users.

Right now, Mobispine is offering the MMS on iPhone service to its many global operators and is excited about the opportunity to enable MMS for iPhone users.

On the compnay’s website, Mobispine says they are “confident that operators will find the service easy to use and profitable with an opportunity to expand messaging usage, improve subscriber retention and increase revenue. The service will also increase customer loyalty and recognition as the brand is displayed on the user’s phone. The application will be branded for each operator and distributed via the App store.”

More info here.

Jonny Evans reports for Distorted-Loop, “Users can easily create a new MMS and attach a picture from an album on the phone or simply take a new snapshot with the camera. The application is integrated with the iPhone’s contacts for easy access. Some of the key features for end-users include the ability to easily send and receive messages from iPhone to any phone with a native and intuitive user interface.”

“The application also offers the ability to capture a picture via the iPhone camera or the option to select from existing photos,” Evans reports.

“Telius is expected to be in the vanguard of operators choosing to offer the service, we hope very much that O2 in the UK and carriers elsewhere shall implement this solution,” Evans reports.

Full article here.

AppleInsider reports, “Swedish iPhone owners will soon have something they can hold over the heads of most other users of the touchscreen handset: an Apple-sanctioned way of sending and receiving picture and video messages. According to a report published by Macworld Sweden, Apple has given the go-ahead to its regional wireless partner Telia to develop its own MMS application for the iPhone.”

Full article here.


  1. or how about Apple just add this feature? Or at least have the text message that you receive automatically add the user ID and password. I’m tried of having to write down the information every time I get a MMS!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha… Steve wants us to just use email. Who are we to think for ourselves???

    These trolls just don’t get it, …. REAL Apple fans like us mindlessly just accept whatever Steve wants. NO MMS, NO FLASH, NO VOICE DIALING, and NO Cut & Paste!!!

    That’s all so 90’s!!!!! Let’s all just accept we are doing things the “New” way… Goooooo STEVE!!!

  3. Fercryinoutloud, Apple should just make MMS work on the iPhone. This is ridiculous that some third party should have to do it. The world’s most advanced smartphone should be able to receive and display an MMS. It can’t be that hard.

  4. ITS ABOUT F**KING TIME! THIS is one of the most OBVIOUS missing features of the iPhone, MMS! Lets hope AT&T;approves it soon. That ViewMyMessages B*LLSH*T is CRAP!

    I aggree with Airport & Zach,
    where’s the cut & paste, sms forwarding, flash, voice dialing and turn by turn navigation…

    The new BlackBerry Storm has ALL THESE FEATURES! Notice MDN did not post the Positive Articles about the BlackBerry Storm from Walt Mossberg on the Wall Street Journal or the Positive Artice in Businessweek that said the STORM was Just as good as the iPhone!

  5. @Airport Dude,


    Why do people continue to say this? It’s been available as an option from day one with the first iPhone via TellMe which is licensed by AT&T;from Microsoft. It was and still is a $5 option.

    There are now several paid and free voice dialing apps in the iTunes App Store as well as via Cydia if you want to go through a 3rd party source.

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