Mac software introduced for digital audiobook downloads from public libraries

OverDrive, the leading global distributor of digital audiobooks, eBooks, and other media, introduced the software today. With this free software, Mac users can download audiobooks in the MP3 format from an OverDrive partner library’s download website and transfer titles to Apple devices including iPods and iPhones.

For a national directory of libraries offering iPod-compatible audiobook downloads, visit Mac users can also purchase MP3 audiobook downloads from online stores such as and WHSmith Online.

“Millions of audiobook listeners around the globe are taking advantage of the great selection and ease of use provided through OverDrive’s audiobook download services,” said David Burleigh, Director of Marketing for OverDrive, in the press release. “We’re proud to be the leading library download service that supports both PC and Mac users, and will continue to expand features and services for our partners and their customers.”

“Denver Public Library has had great success offering digital audiobooks, eBooks, and other media thanks to our partnership with OverDrive, and now our Mac customers can enjoy the many benefits of using our service,” said Michelle Jeske, Manager of Web Information Services and Community Technology Center at Denver Public Library, in the press release. “Customers with Macs have requested access to our growing digital catalog since we launched the service, and now they too have anytime, anywhere access to audiobook downloads.”

Like the Windows version, OverDrive Media Console for Mac is designed with superior audiobook listening features. Readers can listen to audiobook downloads on their computer, transfer files to Apple devices, or burn audiobooks to CD within the software. Users can also navigate and download audiobook parts using integrated MediaMarkers, jump back 15 seconds, and create custom bookmarks. In addition, OverDrive Media Console for Mac helps users organize their download audiobooks by author, title, or subject. At the end of the lending period, files automatically expire and the software prompts the user to delete the audiobook title from his or her computer.

OverDrive powers download media catalogs at thousands of libraries worldwide, including institutions in New York, Singapore, Boston, and Toronto. To see if your public library is a member of the OverDrive network, visit

OverDrive Media Console for Mac, the free software for playing and organizing digital audiobooks from public libraries, is now available for download here

Source: OverDrive


  1. Yes!!
    When my youngest was struggling with potential dyslexia, he very much wanted to read Harry Potter. I saw the digital downloads but at that time, Windows only. So I had to check out the books on CD and then put them into iTunes to transfer to the iPod. Some of those books are 12 CDs. Just time consuming.

    This is great.
    Fortunately my son was a late bloomer on reading. Now he reads better than his older sister.

    Get them hooked on books. If you can read, you can learn anything.

  2. Unfortunately, Only a selected list are available in MP3 format.

    “Note that OverDrive Media Console for Mac supports OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks only, and transfers titles to Apple® devices only.”

    Not all the catalog will be available.

  3. As Watching pointed out, this is essentially useless, since most libraries offer only DRM-protected WMA (to ensure you don’t keep the audiobook past a certain timeframe), which this STILL does not support. Even if you use Windows, you also can’t transfer to an iPod for the same DRM-WMA reason.

    Sadly, for most people, this is a “non-event”…looks like we’ll still be stuck with borrowing (or buying) audiobooks in CD format, or, worse yet, downloading the torrents. Yet another impediment for people to do the honest thing.

  4. Just tried it and works like a charm. MP3 only, but it is better than nothing. I called the library and griped a year or so ago and they told me “Apple refuses to support their system.” meaning Windows Media files. I hear BMW refuses to install Ford engines too. These darn unreasonable companies…

  5. I was able to download the Overdrive Media Console on my MB Pro, but the Alexandria (VA) Library seems to own mostly Windows WMA files and they don’t do anything for me on the Mac. What a shame.

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