Software update soon to bring Copy-and-Paste to Apple iPhone?

“Apple is set to release version 2.2 of the iPhone operating system on Nov. 21, according to a Greek language post in enthusiast blog iPhone Hellas,” Kevin McLaughlin reports for ChannelWeb.

“In addition to a redesigned MobileSafari interface, the iPhone 2.2 update will reportedly add Google Street View, transit route information, walking directions and over-the-air podcast downloads, according to Gizmodo, which described iPhone Hellas as ‘consistently reliable,'” McLaughlin reports.

“Gizmodo noted that because the 2.2 feature list hasn’t changed from previous beta versions, it’s possible that Apple could decide to sneak copy/paste into the 2.2 update, a development that could lead to a collective outcry of joy from iPhone users who’ve long been clamoring for this basic functionality,” McLaughlin reports.

“Chris Carlton, a systems engineer with Mac Business Solutions, doesn’t think the lack of copy/paste is a big deal for some iPhone users, given the broad range of other iPhone features. But for users who treat the iPhone as a laptop replacement, the lack of copy/paste is ‘glaringly obvious,’ he said,” McLaughlin reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. This is really dumb and purposely misleading. MDN’s title implies that “copy and paste” might be in the 2.2 update and references an article that says (essentially):

    “Gizmodo says that it isn’t in there.” The guy who wrote the article is severely misinterpreting Gizmodos (admittedly confusing, poorly written, and as usual, “trashy”) remarks, and MDN is compounding that by using it’s own tantalising headlines.

    The odds on anything being added to the 2.2 update that were not in the beta tests is very very very low indeed. If Apple *did* include something that they were keeping “secret” until the release it’s much more likely to be the already overdue background notification service which has the advantage of being a separate component.

    “Copy & Paste” is a system wide feature that affects a whole lot of GUI and many other programs. No way in hell it will be magically added in without testing and without an announcement.

    With any luck, Apple will finally get the tablet out the door next year and copy and paste will *never* need to be added to the iPhone.

  2. So, no news at all then? Just another round of speculative ‘journalism’ with no new facts at all.

    Seriously MDN, just because the word ‘Apple’ appears in the story, it does not mean that it is worth discussion.

    As soon as a developer build comes out with copy/paste functionality, it will leak to the public… Apple is not going to just slide an untested feature in the last minute before releasing a firmware update… especially not with the issues they had with the initial 2.0 firmware.

    So, when that developer rev is leaked, then and only then is it worth discussing.

  3. It’s not that it’s difficult to include Copy/Paste. The phone is running a genuine OSX. Of course it’s capable of a copy/paste function. The dilemma is the construction a multitouch that can drag-highlight-copy-paste. Multi-touch isn’t like sign language. It has it’s limits. This multi-touch combo (one that doesn’t trip over another function) is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack

  4. I have been talking to a few programmers recently and the whole concept, as i understand it, is that the OSX version on the iPhone uses a type of “shell” environment where every application works within its own environment without “contaminating” any other software.

    How does this rule stay in place if we have copy and paste? Won’t there be a cache holding area that will transport data from one program to another? And won’t this violate what the iphone/itouch OSX version tries to keep sacred?

    Any programmers or others in the know care to share this?


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