Windows 7 Ultimate on Apple’s new MacBook Pro (with video)

“Here we are sitting in the PC Magazine Labs, and it occurs to us: We’ve got a shiny new Macbook Pro and an early build of Windows 7 on disc, so why not attempt to use one to run the other? Using Bootcamp, we did a clean install of the new OS over Vista, which was already running on the system. We couldn’t just upgrade because the Macbook wasn’t running SP1,” Brian Heater reports for Gearlog.

“All in all, the installation process went fairly smoothly,” Heater reports. “After installation, we installed the drivers via the Apple OS X startup disc, hoping that Windows 7 might have an easier time communicating with the hardware.”

“The disc didn’t do much, sadly. The system was unable to get online, and various other Windows 7 features, such as the mouseover preview, were disabled,” Heater reports. “Windows 7 still retained some of its key functionality, however…”

Windows 7 Ultimate on Apple’s new MacBook Pro:

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yuck.


  1. “Interesting”. Couldn’t actually SEE much, kind of dark and small. And watching a movie of someone else navigating through a bunch of “options” that you couldn’t care much about isn’t all that informative.
    They didn’t seem to be taking the software all that seriously, seemed to think it was an early Beta of software that would have a job of it trying to prove itself. “Windows Seven Ultimate“, though? They will again be selling multiple versions to multiple markets? With multiple sets of requirements sporting various feature set levels? I thought they were going to be “focusing”, “slimming”, “smoothing” … maybe not so much. Apple has three versions of OSX – iPhone, consumer, server. The difference between the consumer and the server versions is more about included “third party apps” than about the OS being somehow different. The iPhone version needs to be slimmed to the max to run on the mini-me processor used, not so much about being “different”.
    Maybe the Windows folk will find Vista v2.0 easier to swallow.

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