Microsoft previews Mojave, er, Windows 7; unceremoniously dumps ‘Vista’ name

“Microsoft introduced what it said would be a slimmer and more responsive version of its Windows operating system on Tuesday, while unceremoniously dropping the brand name Vista for the new product,” John Markoff reports for The New York Times.

“The new version will instead be branded Windows 7… The company did not say when it would sell Windows 7 to the public,” Markoff reports.

“After almost two years, Windows Vista is still getting a lackluster reception from consumers and facing a relentless marketing barrage from Apple,” Markoff reports.

“The problem was highlighted last week when Microsoft reported its financial results for the most recent quarter. Its Windows unit reported just a 2 percent rise in revenue against a 4 percent decline in operating income,” Markoff reports. “The computer industry viewed the setback as a shift of historic proportions. The company acknowledged last week that the mix of Windows sales in both mature and emerging markets had tipped more toward low-cost PCs, which come with lower-margin versions of Windows and often not Vista.”

“Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft technologist who has led the development of the new version of Windows said that he had not taken particular offense at Apple’s ad campaign teasing the giant software developer. However, the laptop did have an ‘I’m a PC’ sticker on its cover, a reference to a recent series of ads Microsoft ran that were widely viewed as a somewhat belated response to Apple,” Markoff reports.

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Markoff continues, “He then demonstrated a “pre-beta” version of Windows, acknowledging that some features were still missing. The presentation focused generally on the more polished control features of Windows 7 including how on-screen notifications are handled, an issue that was an irritant for early Vista users who complained about the nannylike behavior of the software.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dale,” “Spark,” “Chuck,” and “Joe” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s still Windows, no matter what you call it and how you spin it. It’s still based on the same spaghetti code as Vista. When will these guys learn you can’t keep delivering crap on top of crap? I’d bet Windows 7 will do as much if not more for Apple than Vista.

    And Windows 7 or Vista SP2 will be delivered when?

  2. Why do they show off a half assed beta…with missing features to boot! Then, it informs the public that they don’t know when it will ship.

    What is even more surprising is that the un-informed are just lapping this up! Talk about vaporware….ssshhhesss!

    Haven’t they learned from Apple, yet? Don’t release anything until it’s ready!!!!

  3. The problem for MS is convincing consumers and the enterprise to either buy new PCs with Vista or buy Vista licences for all their billions of old PCs. Given both the world economy and the Windows Genuine Advantage problems neither of these is likely.

    Why jump to Windows 7 when MS even admit it is Vista fixed up? Their usually approach of bundling apps would have been an easier sell. I can see nothing of value here for consumers or enterprise. Even a free year on Windows Asewer, a Zune for home ultimate, or an XBox game would be an incentive!

  4. My Take:

    A pre-beta??? So, that’s a late alpha?

    They are still using the floppy icon for “save”!
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />
    They could at least update it to a Jazz disc.

    The taskbar icons with multiple borders to indicate number of files open is completely useless (and reminds me of Apple’s poor decision to implement the same in Stacks – although receeding slightly to the left and not right like in the taskbar and in the “Library”). What happens if you have 10 files open for a particular app? Will there be 10 borders?

    Wonder where they got the idea for that sidebar and their “Libraries” Smart/Search Folders? Hmmmmmm……

  5. HolyMackeral,
    That’s what I was thinking last night. Those who downgraded to Fista from XP will have no compelling reason to purchase Windoze 7. Those still on XP may purchase it, but it’s resemblance to Shitsa, which scared them from downgrading in the first place, may cause them to think long and hard about it. I can see a lot of those “still on XP after 10 years” people considering a Mac when 7 comes out.

    Lose-lose for Mafia$oft.

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