Apple quietly kills Mac mini?

Apple Store“The Mac mini may be pronounced dead as soon as today’s Apple earnings conference call, as two major retailers in Europe have confirmed to me that they can’t order any more of the little computers,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo.

“While this could signal an updated model coming in, they have been told by Apple to expect no more of it. Their impression is that—once again—the Mac mini may be dead dead DEAD for real, even while you can still order it at the Apple Store,” Diaz reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill in Sarasota” for the heads up.]


  1. I doubt it personally. The mini was basically a macbook without the monitor/display, keyboard, and trackpad. So, it makes more sense to me to expect a revised mini (and perhaps iMac), which feature the new GPU’s and so forth.

  2. R, they would? Sorry, I don’t see how an all-in-one competes with a system box. You get the system box and you have to get a monitor and all the other associated ‘stuff’ to make it usable. You have an iMac and you are not likely to have a monitor you can switch to your new system box, you have the system box and what are you going to do with your monitor when you switch to an iMac?
    Please, PLEASE, let them grow the mini up to be the midi I’ve been hoping for.

  3. We’ll, at least now we know what questions will be asked to ‘ol Pete today…maybe he can talk about the mini burial instead of next quarters guidance. Would be a good distraction.
    The timing of this article is impeccable. Hmmmm.

  4. I mean it, though saying “everyone” is an overstatement. Everyone that I’ve known to switch to an iMac from their Windows box has talked about the huge power leap the iMac was for them. These are the folks who don’t really care about specs. And like it or not, that’s the majority of computer buyers– the ones who allow companies like Dell to exist on razor thin margins off of huge sale numbers.

    With a powerful mini, there’s no need for an iMac, particularly because the Nvidia graphics are leaps and bounds above the current mini.

    I’d like to be wrong (I want a new one for my first HDtv), but if this does happen, it makes sense to me from this angle.

  5. The Mac Mini is a great switcher’s machine. Most people running Windows boxes don’t like the idea of scrapping their “perfectly good” monitor & keyboard. They prefer baby steps.

    I would have switched to a Mac desktop about a year and a half later if the Mini wasn’t available at that time (late 2005).

  6. See? Not content to just remove firewire, they’re now killing off whole product lines that have it!

    Mark my words, firewire is being intentionally and systematically killed by Apple. First the iPod, then the portables, then the cinema display (did anyone even notice in the hubbub over the portables?) now the mini.

    WHO’S NEXT!!?

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