T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone: Difficult, confusing, brick-like vs. Apple’s superior iPhone

“I wouldn’t trade my iPhone for a G1. Not by a long shot,” Troy Wolverton reports for The Mercury News.

“Mainly that’s because the G1 simply is more difficult to use than the iPhone. In the week that I tested the G1, I often found myself hitting the wrong button, debating which one to press or wondering where to find the button I wanted, problems I almost never have with my iPhone,” Wolverton reports.

“The source of my problems: It’s often confusing on the device to know whether to use the touch screen, the QWERTY keyboard or its dedicated keys,” Wolverton reports.

“The G1 has other shortcomings. The device can wait up to five seconds to take a picture with its camera after you first press the shutter button, making it considerably slower than other camera phones. Its software makes little use of its built-in accelerometer, meaning the device doesn’t rotate pictures or Web pages as you rotate the screen,” Wolverton reports.

“Getting movies, music or even contacts on to the G1 is a lot more difficult than it is on the iPhone, because Google doesn’t have anything similar to iTunes to manage the transfer of such data from a PC. Nor can you sync directly with an Exchange server for your work e-mail or address book, as you can with both the iPhone,” Wolverton reports.

“And in terms of physical design, the G1 doesn’t even compare. Its thick, blocky shape is more reminiscent of Microsoft’s brick-like Zune MP3 players than the sleek iPhone or the ultra-thin feature phones of recent years,” Wolverton reports.

Full review here.


  1. Troy Wolverton is a joke. Of course a pre-release version of the G1 without many third party software options doesn’t hold a candle to a refined product like the iPhone.

  2. @ Crazylegs:

    I only read the parts posted here (not the entire article), but the features he mentions here were available in iPhone 1.0 (except Exchange). Here, he was pointing out more inherent problems with the phone.

    I don’t know enough about the guy to know if he’s a joke most of the time, but here he didn’t come off as one to me.

  3. <u>Five seconds!</u> I would infer a great deal about the quality of a product (or lack of same), if one really had to wait that long. What is that phone’s major malfunction?

  4. Uh, Crazylegs, the initial iPhone release (even in beta and without all the third-party apps) still makes this thing a clunker. Comparing apples to apples, there’s just no comparison, for the overall design and functionality of the iPhone hasn’t changed one iota since Day 1. Will the G1? At the very same stage of their development, the iPhone is still a Michelangelo, and the G1 is a velvet-Elvis.

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