Apple’s new 15-inch Macbook Pro unboxing photos and impressions

“We just got our hands on a brand new 15″ Macbook Pro. Below are some photos of the unboxing experience and our general first impressions and thoughts about the new notebook,” Aviv Hadar reports for MacBlogz.

“The box is extremely lightweight. Always a good sign. Apple has definitely factored in their overall carbon footprint. Like Steve said, smaller boxes, smaller palettes, less fuel and so on,” Hadar reports.

“The initial impression the notebook gives off when you open the box is very solid. It simply looks like a more unified machine. The unibody enclosure seems to wrap beautifully around the edges. It has more of a Macbook Air-like essence to it,” Hadar reports.

“The entire notebook is lighter and feels much sturdier than its predecessor. Both the weight and load balance throughout the entire machine seem spot on. So far, first impressions of the new Macbook Pro are very impressive,” Hadar reports.

“The way the shell seamlessly fits together when you open and close the machine give it a wonderfully high-end feel,” Hadar reports. “Everything that Apple has been working to refine throughout its entire notebook line over the past few years has clearly made its way into the new Macbook Pro.”

Much more – and the photos, of course – in the full article here.


  1. It’s actually a bit heavier than the previous MBP… not lighter as he states. Doesn’t matter what it “feels” like, it’s still slightly heavier.

    Plus, it looks like a Sony or HP … ugly. Better built obviously, but an ugly design by Apple standards.

  2. @ChrissyOne

    Thanks for checking. All I’ve been seeing today is the “We’ll be back soon, contact our telesales teams…etc”. After your comment, I reloaded the page rather than just revisit and now it is working. All day I assumed it was closed for some reason because that’s what it said no matter how many times I checked. I’ve never seen that before.

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