Adobe releases Flash Player 10

Adobe today announced the immediate availability of Adobe Flash Player 10 software. According to Adobe, “Interactive designers and developers can leverage the new expressive features and visual performance improvements in Flash Player 10 for unprecedented creative control to deliver the most compelling Web applications, interactive content and high quality video to users across multiple browsers and all major operating systems.”

“Designers and developers know if they deliver video, online games, rich Internet applications (RIAs) and other interactive experiences using Adobe Flash Player, they can reliably reach the entire Web,” said David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president of the Platform Business Unit at Adobe, in the press release. “Flash Player 10 continues to set the pace for Internet innovation, and we’re excited to see how the community is already using it to create an entirely new class of experiences not previously achievable on the Web.”

Adobe Flash Player 10 adds new support for custom filters and effects, native 3D transformation and animation, audio processing, and GPU hardware acceleration. Building on over 25 years of Adobe expertise with text, the highly flexible new text engine in Flash Player 10 provides interactive designers and developers with more text layout options and better creative control.

Adobe Flash Player 10 also extends the capabilities of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 product line with new levels of Adobe Flash technology integration to streamline collaboration and enhance the design/develop workflow. Interactive designers and developers can create custom filters and effects with Adobe Pixel Bender™, which is the same technology behind many filters and special effects in Adobe After Effects CS4 software. Developers targeting Adobe Flash Player 10 can use these filters, blend modes and fills to animate effects or change the effect on rich media content at runtime. Flash Player 10 also enables new capabilities and performance improvements in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe’s authoring environment for creating interactive content. This includes easy-to-use 3D effects that enable designers to design in 2D and easily transform and animate in 3D.

Innovations introduced in Adobe Flash Player 10 will contribute to future Open Screen Project efforts, such as work that will bring Flash Player 10 to mobile devices.

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The Open Screen Project is an industry-wide initiative to deliver rich multi-screen experiences built on a consistent runtime environment for open Web browsing and standalone applications across personal computers, mobile devices, and consumer electronics.

Adobe Flash Player 10 is available immediately as a free download for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms from Support for Solaris is expected later this year. All of the new expressive features and performance improvements introduced in Adobe Flash Player 10 will be available in Adobe AIR later this year for designers and developers to build applications that run outside the browser.

Source: Adobe

Crank up those fans, we’ve got some CPUs to max out!


  1. @hilken
    will it slow my web browsing to a craw or kill my battery as fast as Bush killed this country? I really don’t understand the argument about not letting Flash on the phone. Sorry for my ignorance.

  2. mks1. “Sorry about the politics, forgot we’re trying to stay away from it on MDN.”

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! If BHO spoofs the proletariat, the USA is in for a shock.

  3. Original Shiva. “I would like to know specific actions.”

    I’ll give you two –

    1. He WILL make the USA into a socialist country.

    2. He will continue to fund crooked organizations, like ACORN, with the tax money he rips out of the pockets of Americans who pay taxes. Giving it to the those millions who pay no taxes now.

    I’ll throw in another. He’ll go back to Rev. Wright’s America hating church.

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