Report – Carphone Warehouse soon to sell Apple Macs in UK

“Apple is believed to have tapped iPhone reseller and largest independent European mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse to help push sales of Macs in the United Kingdom,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“People close to the retailer tell AppleInsider that a plethora of Mac-related placeholders have recently turned up in the company’s inventory system, suggesting a plan may be in place for some Carphone Warehouse-operated outlets to begin selling the Apple-made computers and accessories ahead of the holiday shopping season,” Jade reports.

“Among the items currently listed as ‘new’ in inventory — but not in stock — are MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, Apple power adapters, MacBook replacement batteries, MacBook Air Super Drives, Time Capsules, AirPorts, AirPort Extreme cards, the Mighty Mouse, Mobile Me, and, oddly, Mac minis and 20- and 24-inch iMac desktop systems,” ,” Jade reports.

“Carphone Warehouse is presently locked in a market share battle for PC sales with local rival PC World, but doesn’t yet sell desktop systems. Instead, it markets its own brand of ‘webbook’ notebook in addition to mainstream models from manufacturers such as Acer, HP, and Toshiba,” Jade reports.

More details in the full article, including screenshots of Carphone Warehouse’s inventory system, here.


  1. This is in no way a good move by Apple. The service, or complete lack of it, when I was ordering an iphone from Carphone Warehouse in July was appalling. Contact and see if you get a response to a complaint. I didn’t, which confirms their lack of customer focus. Went to an O2 store the next day and they were helpful, knowledgeable, and I had a contract SIM up and running with the PUC code I’d got from Vodaphone within a reasonable time.

  2. I’ve had pretty fair service from CW over the years, so it’s a shame to hear of someone who hasn’t — I trust they’ve sorted you in the meantime.

    Either way, a CW Mac presence would be quite useful for me, as there are many (many!) more CW outlets in the UK than Apple Stores, handsome as these shrines of Macness most certainly are…

  3. Spent my summer vacation in England this year and was surprised to see Carphone Warehouses everywhere and I mean everywhere, just like MacDonald’s in the USA. And, of course, each Carphone Warehouse store had a nice iPhone on display in the window or a big iPhone poster in the winder.

    This is only a good thing for Apple in that it will expose many more Brits to the Mac. Time to order more chairs for Redmond.

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