Current iPhone Software supports full-screen Web apps

“One unpublicized feature introduced by Apple’s latest iPhone software updates is the ability save Web apps to the home screen and have them launch in full-screen mode without the Safari wrapper, essentially mimicking the experience of a native app,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Clancy, an AppleInsider reader who brought the matter to our attention, believes the undocumented feature arrived as part of the most recent iPhone Software 2.1 update. He notes that the capability is only present in Web applications specifically authored to include the full-screen code,” Oliver reports.

Full article, with a link to a demo application for iPhone users to try out and step-by-step instructions for triggering the full-screen mode, here.


  1. I have had the iPhone’s online user guide on my home screen since the first week I owned it back in July and it’s always looked like a native app. Is this any different or are people just noticing?

  2. There are so many Apps and Web Apps for iPhone/Touch now, and they are coming so fast, it is impossible to keep up. is there any up to date website that catalogues them all with a good search tool and reviews?

  3. “Fair enough, but you have to understand that you are in a minority in wanting to use a landscape keyboard. Most (including me) prefer the normal way.”

    how can you possibly know this?

    For me the landscape one has just enough extra key spacing to greatly reduce the number of mishit keys to the point that you can stop that stupid slow press, wait for popup and and drag style of typing you need to do to get any accuracy out of the portrait one.

  4. “Fair enough, but you have to understand that you are in a minority in wanting to use a landscape keyboard. Most (including me) prefer the normal way.”

    That’s BULLSHIT!




    Everybody who complains about how typing on the iPhone sucks would probably be alright if the landscape keyboard was put to use outside of Safari.

    You want evidence of a demand for the landscape keyboard? Take a look at the reviews for this notation app called WriteRoom. It’s at the bottom of the iTunes App Store under Staff Favorites.

    What’s one of the biggest attractions to this app? It’s the fact that it lets you type notes with a landscape keyboard! Nearly everyone who wrote a review raves about that one improvement (among others) over the standard Notes app.

    The application is an iTunes Staff Favorite and Apple still doesn’t get the message that we want to use the landscape keyboard everywhere we type.

  5. I really don’t care about the landscape keyboard.

    In fact I think I type faster on the portrait one because the keys are closer together. Accuracy isn’t a problem if you know where the keys are, and rely on the auto-correct system…

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