Apple denies Steve Jobs heart attack report

“‘Citizen journalism’ apparently just failed its first significant test. A CNN iReport poster reported this morning that Steve Jobs had been rushed to the ER after a severe heart attack. Fortunately, it appears the story was false. We contacted an Apple spokeswoman, who categorically denied it,” Henry Blodget reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“CNN’s iReport kept the report up until at least 10:15 AM, about 20 minutes after we published Apple’s denial,” Blodget reports. “The story has since been removed.”

“We expect this will lead to an SEC investigation. The IP address of the iReport poster will be easily traceable, and we expect the SEC will want to interview him or her to see if the story was ‘placed,'” Blodget reports.

Full article, with CNN’s original “iReport,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Ampar” and “R. Benz” for the heads up.]

Yeah, as if the SEC is going to do anything about Apple stock price manipulation, one of Wall Street’s favorite sports.


  1. I know that stock prices can always fall, but doesn’t everyone feel most of the value of Apple has been driven down. I mean at $100 per share minus the $20 per share the company has on hand we are looking at a real price of $80 right now. I just do not see it going much lower. Of course I never saw it going to $100. So probably should not listen to me.

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