Garmin software now available for Apple Mac

Joël reports for HardMac:

A couple of months ago, we talked about the investment made by Garmin to bring its geo-targeting and tracking software suite to the Mac platform, and over months, all applications have been moving forward and released to the public and since first launch in February bug fixes as well as updates have been made available:

– Project: Bobcat (application for planning and defining tracks or journey) is now in release version under the name RoadTrip.
– City Navigator Europe NT 2008 released in March 2008, is now available for Mac, simply plug your GPS and all cards will automatically be updated.
– Other software have also evolved

The full Garmin software suite for Mac is now available and includes:
• RoadTrip 2.0.1
• MapInstall 2.1.0
• MapManager 2.1.0
• POILoader 2.0.1
* WebUpdater 2.0.2

So, Mac users have now the same tools for Garmin GPS as Windows users.

Link to the Garmon apps via HardMac here.


  1. Fsck Them!

    They kept that shat off of the Mac for a decade or more.

    Oh sure, now that the iPhone came out they are suddenly all over it!

    FSCK™ you Garmin®! I will never buy any of your shatty products, it’s too late!

  2. lol…. I got my Garmin 2020 almost 4 years ago. Their customer support said they would be out with a mac version of their software within “5 – 6 months.”

    Sold the unit on ebay, I’m waiting for the talking version for the iPhone.

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