Apple preparing to refresh iPhone 3G with $199 16GB, $299 32GB models?

“Apple reportedly plans to build 14 million to 15 million iPhone 3Gs from a previous target of 18 million for 2008, according to a report from Pacific Crest,” Larry Dignan blogs for ZDNet.

“Citing ‘supply chain channel checks’ Apple’s is cutting its iPhone 3G buildout. However, analysts reckon that the lower build-out plan won’t hurt Apple. However, suppliers that make the guts of the iPhone may take a hit,” Dignan reports.

“Pacific Crest found that AT&T stores are seeing inventory drawdowns of 8 GB iPhones through late August and mid-September. The upshot: ‘The popularity of the 8 GB model reinforces our concern that smartphone demand has shifted to a lower price point. We are also concerned that if Apple chooses to refresh its lineup with a 16 GB model at $199 and a 32 GB model at $299, this could put additional price pressure on the handset industry and, by extension, the component suppliers,'” Dignan reports.

“There is a caveat to that aforementioned point. Pacific Crest analyst Adam Hargreaves said in a report that the shortages of 8 GB iPhones could be an intentional drawdown as Apple plots a lineup with more capacity,” Dignan reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. How about Apple knew about the plug recall issue around that time and needed production and shipping time to get the new units out. I was told that my 8gb 3g’s was one of the first with the new plug to come in the packaging. I bought mine 10 days ago. It had a cute green dot on both the plug and the box.

  2. Anything that comes out of the pc camp is to be taken as bs at most. We have been students a long time and have learned not to trust a word they say. They will go to any length to throw a wrench into the Apple machine. Who writes their paychecks – MSFT, RIMM, NOK, V, MOT, etc – all scum of the earth.

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